Coin Twister Funnel

$ 2,699.00

Coin Twister Funnel

Price: $ 2,699.00

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  • Coin Twister Funnel - Our small form factor coin funnel/wishing well is an innovative vending concept! It's designed specifically for locations with limited floor space. Available in any color combination you can think of. Ideal for fundraising or just minting buckets of cash, all without selling any product! The Coin Twister is made of a durable fiberglass/resin and will hold up to curious kiddies climbing all over it.

    How it works: Simply place a coin in one of the two double side launching ramps (you may roll a coin in both directions) and watch as the coin swirls around the funnel, faster and faster, until the coin reaches its terminal velocity and drops down into the center of the coin funnel into a locked box. You'll be astonished to watch the kids lining up to "race" each other to see which coin is the first to drop into your profit center! Note that 2 coins can be launched in either direction at the same time without crashing into each other.

    Customize it! Provide your you own artwork and we'll create and apply stickers to 3 of 6 sides.

    • Durable base and funnel made out of heavy duty, impact resistant fiberglass
    • Money door is made of reinforced fiberglass and includes 2 Camlocks for extra security
    • Heavy duty large plastic coin box inside just below coin funnel
    • Carpeted floor inside
    • Colors: black, bubble gum, neon green, purple, red, navy blue, tangerine, yellow, white.
    • Decals or signage may be attached to the to the base
    • Logo Options: Provide your you own artwork and we'll create and apply stickers to 3 of 6 sides
    • Dimensions: 56" W x 29" H
    • Funnel diameter: approximately 50"
    • Weight: 150 lbs
    • Shipping weight: 250 lbs

    Availability: Made to order. Usually ships within 4-6 weeks.

    Important Delivery Information: This is a heavy freight item. If the delivery location does not have a receiving dock, a lift gate may be required to remove your machine from the delivery truck. A lift gate can be added to the delivery truck, at your request, for additional charge. Additionally, we can provide premium inside delivery service if your location requires.