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    Medium Plush 7"-12"

  • Generic Plush (7-9 inch) Product Image

Enhance the allure of your amusement park, arcade, or family fun center with our enchanting range of medium-sized 7"-12" plush refills, designed exclusively for crane and claw machines. These plush toys aren't just cuddly companions but also a smart strategy to keep your visitors entertained, increase playtime, and maximize your venue's revenue.

The 7"-12" plush toys offer the perfect balance between size and manageability. While they fit comfortably within the claw machine, their larger size adds an exciting dimension to the gameplay. This challenge creates a perfect blend of fun and anticipation, keeping players engaged and eager to try their luck again.

With an extensive selection of themes to choose from, our plush refills cater to a wide array of customer preferences. Choose from a versatile generic mix or draw in fans of beloved franchises with our licensed plush ranges. Options of 10%, 25%, 50%, and even 100% licensed plush refills give you the flexibility to cater to your specific audience, adding a personalized touch to your venue.

Further heighten the festive spirit with our assortment of seasonal plush refills. Be it the joyous cheer of Christmas with Santa and elves, the springtime delight of Easter with cute bunnies, the heartfelt charm of Valentine's Day with heart-themed plushies, or the patriotic fervor of the 4th of July, we've got you covered. These thematic elements ensure your venue remains fresh and festive, enticing customers to revisit throughout the year.

Plush toys are more than just playthings; they become tokens of victory, collectibles, or even special gifts. Our medium-sized plush toys capture players' hearts, fueling their desire to win and thereby increasing machine usage and overall profitability.

The medium size of our plush toys also offers an advantage in terms of revenue generation. While they take up more space than smaller toys, their larger presence adds a premium feel to the gameplay. Their size alone becomes an added incentive for players to engage more with the machine, leading to an increase in the number of attempts and hence your returns.

Our commitment to quality ensures that all our plush toys are designed to withstand the rigors of arcade play, maintaining their attractive look and feel through countless games. Made from non-toxic materials and subject to strict quality controls, they're safe and suitable for players of all ages.

Our 7"-12" plush refills are an exciting, cost-effective way to refresh your crane machine offerings and draw in a crowd. They perfectly encapsulate the essence of fun, challenge, and reward that keeps customers coming back for more. With their diverse themes, strategic size, and top-tier quality, they are an essential ingredient in your claw machine's success.