Carousel Gumball Machine Parts

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We feature the Carousel brand King and Junior gumball machine replacement parts for sale! We are an authorized factory distributor of the Carousel Industries product line. All products on this page are new factory original replacement parts. 

Want to see a parts diagram for the 1985 Carousel Gumball Machine? This handy diagram shows all the parts for the Carousel brand gumball machine. It is relevant for all three sizes of machines: king, junior, and petite.

How to determine what size globe you need? Measure the height of your machine from the bottom of the base (head only, do not include the stand) to the top of the cap.

  • King is 14"-15" tall
  • Junior is 11"-12" tall
  • Petite is 8"-9" tall

Want to watch instructional videos on how to fix your Carousel gumball machine?  We took the time to put together a video series that shows step-by-step instructions on how to do the most common basic repairs like: how to change the coin mechanism, how to adjust the wheel so product will vend correctly, how to replace a broken globe, and more. Check out our how-to videos!

Do you want to lookup up model numbers for the Carousel Industries gumball machine? Unfortunately, this information was lost many years ago when the company changed ownership. The complete list and methodology used for numbering is no longer available. For those of you who are collectors doing research, we've been capturing model number details from our customers for many years and have been updating our Carousel Industries model number reference guide just for you.