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    Snack & Soda Machine

  • Front view of black Seaga SM23 combo vending machine Left view of black Seaga SM23 combo vending machine
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  • Seaga Envision ENV5C Combo Machine Seaga INF5C product coil configuration diagram
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  • Seaga Healthy drink & snack vending machine front view Healthy combination vending machine left side view by Seaga

Snack & Soda Machines
At we offer a wide variety of snack and soda single and combo vending machines. Our prices are the best you will find, and won't break the bank. The wide range of machines includes everything from mechanical soda snack combo machines to top-of-the-line full-featured automatic combo vending machine with a bill changer. No matter what your need, all of our vending machines are top quality, high performing new (never used!) machines.

Why Buy Snack/Soda Combo Vending Machines?
If you are looking for your machine to be a one-stop-shop for water, juices, soda, chips, candy, gum, meals and more customized options, than a combo snack and soda vending machine may be just what you need! These types of machines fill the need – and space! - provided by two separate machines. This allows you to maximize your offering in a very small footprint.

Types of Snack and Soda Machines
Whether you are looking for a single vending machine for snacks or drinks or a combo machine, at we have what you need! Our vending machines feature various selections of drinks and snacks. The options are endless. These machines offer a cool portion for beverages and a non-refrigerated side for snacks. You can select a machine that will keep both snacks and beverages chilled to keep any items from melting or souring. Beverages can be dispensed in both cans and bottles, up to 24 oz. Finally, all our machines come with dollar, coin and credit card capabilities.

The Best Deals on Snack and Soda Machines
At each of our soda and snack machines are guaranteed new, never used! They come to you direct from the manufacturer. And they come with original manufacturer warranty,
We pride ourselves on selling the very best snack and soda combination vending machines at the lowest price. In fact, we offer wholesale prices to the public on all our vending machines, so you are definitely getting the best deal around! Our prices can’t be beat. And our machines are complete with one year full factory warranty.

Why Buy Snack/Soda Machines from
You can find all that you need in a one-stop shop at Our selection of snack and soda combo vending machines are those that you have seen in vending locations all across the country! Call us today at 800-260-0010 to find out how we can help you achieve your vending machine business goals. From snack and soda machines to full food vending systems, has the resources to help answer all your vending needs.