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    Seaga Vending Machine

  • Front view of black Seaga SM23 combo vending machine Left view of black Seaga SM23 combo vending machine
    On sale
  • Seaga SM2300 Snack & Drink Machine Slate Metallic Silver Front View Seaga SM2300 Snack & Drink Machine Slate Metallic Silver Left View
    On sale
  • Seaga ENV4S Snack Machine Product Image Seaga Infinity INF4S Snack Vending Machine 9 Vend Sensor
    On sale
  • Seaga ENV5S Snack Machine Product Image Coil configuration for the Seaga INF5S snack vending machine
    On sale
  • Front view of Seaga Envision ENV5B drink vending machine Seaga ENV5B Drink Machine Product Image
    On sale
  • Front view of Seaga Envision ENV5C combination snack and drink vending machine Seaga INF5C product coil configuration diagram
    On sale
  • Seaga CM-1250 Bill Change machine Open view of CM1250 change machine
    On sale

Welcome to the future of vending with Seaga Manufacturing, a world leader in automatic merchandising innovation and expertise. With over three decades of experience in manufacturing, design, engineering, and sales of first-in-class vending technologies and accessories, Seaga is a trusted name in the industry. is proud to bring you Seaga's comprehensive line of vending products, crafted with precision and tailored to meet diverse needs.

Seaga's line-up is as varied as it is innovative. Whether you're looking for bill changers, industrial vending machines, cold vending, medical vending, or drink and snack vending machines, Seaga has it all. Even custom vending products are available, designed to fit various footprints from floor standing to countertop applications. This extensive product range caters to a wide spectrum of environments including schools, tire companies, car dealerships, laundromats, small and large offices, hotels, and company break rooms.

Each Seaga vending machine, regardless of its type, integrates advanced features designed for optimal energy efficiency and convenience. LED lighting enhances product visibility while conserving energy, offering an environmentally friendly vending solution that keeps operational costs low. The inclusion of touchless credit card payment systems aligns with the trend of cashless transactions, ensuring speed, convenience, and safety in every transaction.

Seaga stands out with its exceptional customization capability. In addition to offering a wide variety of beverages, snacks, cigarettes, and even laundry essentials, Seaga's vending machines can be precisely tailored to meet specific customer requirements. By transforming ordinary locations into convenient hubs, these customizable machines elevate user experiences and contribute significantly to your profitability.

Seaga's commitment to quality is reflected in its manufacturing process. All Seaga products are built to order and proudly made in the USA, offering assurance of their quality and reliability. Plus, each product includes a manufacturer's full-factory warranty, providing an additional layer of confidence for customers. prioritizes transparency, which is why our online store provides detailed images and comprehensive specifications for each machine. Our competitive wholesale pricing, coupled with a free shipping policy and exceptional customer service, ensures our customers receive unparalleled value.

With Seaga Manufacturing, you're not just choosing a vending machine; you're choosing a partner with a proven track record of innovation, customer satisfaction, and comprehensive vending solutions. Seaga's broad range of vending machines, made with decades of expertise, is set to revolutionize the vending experience. Explore the Seaga range today at and unlock the full potential of your vending opportunities!