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Get Your Hands on the Newest Collection of Coast-to-Coast Crane Machines at

Crane/Claw Machine |

IRVINE, California, April 23, 2024 —, a trusted name in amusement experiences, is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new line of crane machines from Coast to Coast Entertainment. These machines bring back the nostalgic fun of winning prizes with a fresh twist, designed to entertain players of all generations.

“We're excited to offer a new take on the classic crane machine,” said Spencer Williams, the President at “This collection captures the simple joy of the claw game, while introducing fun themes, irresistible prizes, and a guaranteed good time.”

The new assortment offers a winning combination of classic fun and modern appeal:

  • Skillful Claw Control: Master the art of the grab with responsive controls and a dependable claw.
  • Easy-to-Play Mechanics: Simple controls and clear instructions make the game accessible for everyone.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance and enjoyment.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simplified design ensures smooth operation and effortless maintenance for operators.

The new machines included in the line-up are:

King Claw 31" Crane Machine
King Claw 31" Crane Machine |

Rule the arcade with the King Claw! This nautical crane dispenses plush toys (5"-11") in both traditional and 'play to win' modes. Durable build and dazzling lights make it a family fun must-have.

Ticket Trail 36" Crane Machine
Ticket Trail 36" Crane Machine |

This hybrid machine combines classic claw action with an interactive video board game. Master the claw and navigate the board to win tickets, with a chance to snag a massive 1,000-ticket bonus! Dazzling lights and electrifying gameplay make it a must-have.

Duck Catcher Crane Machine
Duck Catcher Crane Machine |

The Ducky Catcher crane machine explodes with dazzling lights, playful sounds, and a wacky candy scoop claw - perfect for scooping up ducks, zoo friends, sea creatures, and squishy surprises! Guaranteed to quack-tivate customers of all ages.

Baby Bear 2-Player Crane Machine
Baby Bear 2-Player Crane Machine |

Double the fun with the Baby Bear crane machine! This two-player crane machine allows 2 people to simultaneously compete for enticing prizes. Perfect for arcades, family entertainment centers, and more!

Prize Cube 6-Player Crane Machine
Prize Cube 6-Player Crane Machine |

This machine is poised to become the star attraction of your arcade. This multiplayer crane machine lets up to six players vie for adorable plush toys, turning claw games into an exciting multiplayer experience. Filled with laughter and cheers, the 6-Player Prize Cube Crane Machine is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

“These new machines are perfect for adding a touch of nostalgic fun to any amusement center, arcade, or even your own home,” continued Williams “It’s a reminder of the simple joy of the claw game, where skill meets chance for a truly rewarding experience.”

For questions on these or any of our premium claw/crane machines please contact us by email at or call 800-260-0010.

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Introducing the Seaga Quickbreak QB4000 Combo Machine Announces the QUICKbreak QB4000 Combo Merchandiser

IRVINE, California, March 6, 2024 —, a leading provider of innovative vending solutions, introduces the latest innovation from Seaga Manufacturing, The QUICK break QB4000 Combo Snack and Drink Vending machine.

The QB4000 vending machine is a versatile and efficient choice for businesses of all sizes.

It boasts a robust design that can handle any location, from busy streets to quiet offices. Additionally, it's energy-saving and features a user-friendly interface for quick and easy transactions.

Catering to diverse needs: the QB4000 accommodates a wide variety of products, making it the ideal solution for businesses seeking a reliable and high-performing vending machine.

Spencer Williams, the President at, emphasizes the significance of this new model, stating, "Customers crave convenience, and snack and drink combo machines are our top sellers for that reason. The QB4000 perfectly fits this market, offering a winning combination of variety and space-saving design."

QB400 Quick Break Seaga Snack and Drink Combo Vending Machine Graphic Options

Key Features

Compact Design, Big Impact:

The QB4000 fits seamlessly into tight spaces like laundromats, hotels, and gas stations, offering both snacks and drinks in a sleek, space-saving design (requiring just over 6 square feet). Its versatility caters to various business needs without compromising functionality.

Advanced Features, Easy to Use:

The QB4000 boasts a range of features, including programmable settings, individual pricing, sales reports, and energy-saving modes. The user-friendly keypad, display, and quiet operation make it ideal for offices. Additionally, it allows for multiple design options and accommodates healthy options, adapting to diverse preferences.

Seamless User Experience:

The QB4000 prioritizes user experience with hassle-free payments, a live product display, and anti-theft design. All-metal, easy-to-load trays make it practical and simple to maintain.

Sustainable and Compliant:

The QB4000 uses an environmentally friendly and cost-effective R290 refrigeration system. It also adheres to health and safety regulations and offers MDB and DEX compatibility, guaranteeing reliability and safety for both businesses and users. Its modular construction further emphasizes its commitment to sustainability through easier maintenance.

Dimensions: 66" H x 34.5" W x 36" D

Weight: 630 lbs

We Understand Your Needs

The QB4000 embodies a vision of dependable and superior vending solutions. Crafted with a commitment to excellence, it aims to provide unmatched service and quality, ensuring every customer interaction is both positive and reliable.

Seaga_Quickbreak_QB4000_Combo_Machine_Product Features |

Get more information:

For questions on this or any of our premium vending machines please contact us by email at or call 800-260-0010.

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Seaga Acquires AMS

Seaga Acquires AMS

Seaga Manufacturing, Inc., a leading provider of automatic retail dispensing and modular intelligent inventory control solutions, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Automated Merchandising Systems (AMS).

AMS is a leading provider of self-service coin-operated laundry and car wash equipment. The acquisition of AMS will allow Seaga to expand its product offerings and reach a broader customer base.

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Introducing the Seaga INF4S Snack Vending Machine

IRVINE, California, August 2, 2019 — Introducing the INF4S, the latest vending machine innovation in the popular Infinity Series from Seaga Manufacturing.  The INF4S is an automated vending powerhouse equipped with innovative features and a wide range of product categories designed to give vendors more profits per dollar invested.

Unique to this machine is the 4-wide snack column which will allow operators to offer an assortment of items while minimizing space used.  The INF4S can vend many different packaged foods, whether it be candy, chips, trail mix, gum, or anything in between.  The INF4S is the ideal machine for those who want to offer their customers variety in an optimized space.

The following video provides an up close and personal view of this impressive machine.  Get an inside look at what the machine looks like when it is full stocked and operational.  With it's sleek exterior, smooth glass and radiant lights, there is no doubt that the INF4S is a real eye catcher.

Not only does this machine offer energy efficient operation. You also have the ability to add an intuitive payment system that will accept popular mobile cashless-payment options such as Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay.  The INF4S provides a multitude of opportunities for vendors to increase profits by making it convenient for consumers to pay for the products they want, how they want. Ideal for locations such as hotels, schools, offices, laundromats, and many others.  The INF4S vendor is THE ultimate vending solution for your business.

Dimensions: 66" H x 34.5" W x 36" D

Weight: 465 lbs

For more information on the Seaga INF4S, click the image below to access the product page.

Seaga Manufacturing INF4S Infinity Series Snack Food Vending Machine

For questions on this or any of our premium vending machines please contact us by email at or call 800-260-0010.

Continue reading now recognized as Google Trusted Store, a leading vending machine products distributor, was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to e-commerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on-time shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting the website, shoppers will see a Google Trusted Store badge and can click on it for more information.

"At, we work extremely hard to offer the best shopping experience to our customers, so being recognized as a Google Trusted Store means a lot to us," says Spencer Williams, President of "We want our customers to shop with confidence and know that they will receive reliable shipping, excellent customer service, and free purchase protection when they choose"

As an added benefit, when a shopper makes a purchase at a Google Trusted Store, they have the option to select free purchase protection from Google. Then in the unlikely event of an issue with their purchase, they can request Google’s help, and Google will work with and the customer to address the issue. As part of this, Google offers up to $1,000 lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases.

Google Trusted Stores is entirely free, both for shoppers and for online stores. The program helps online stores like attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate themselves by showing off their excellent service via the badge on their websites.

For more information about and their inclusion in the Google Trusted Stores program, contact a Gumball Guru at 1-800-260-0010 or visit


Since 1993, has been the leading online vending machine products distributor, providing professional grade soda and snack machines, gumball and candy machines, gumballs, bulk candy, vending stickers, temporary tattoos and bouncy balls, all delivered fast to customers both domestically and internationally. The company sells to businesses and individuals, features over 2,000 vending products, and is the only firm in the vending industry to offer a 105% low price guarantee.

         Kelly Gallagher
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Smiley Face Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to our Smiley Face Scavenger Hunt!

To celebrate the launch of our redesigned website, we decided to have some fun and give away some cool prizes. The rules are simple. We've hidden 7 smiley face images on our website. Each page identified must be unique. The same page found in multiple categories of the website will not be accepted as an entry (we've attempted to avoid this). Be the first person to locate all 7 hidden smiley faces and you win!

If there is no winner, then each day we will provide additional clues on our Facebook page. So keep coming back for help.

Here is what you are looking for:

- Find this yellow gumball smiley face in 5 places.

- Find this red smiley face in 2 places.

Send your answers to . Make sure and list the page and/or photo that you found the smiley face on.

First Place Prize
– Classic Bubble Gum & Candy Machine (filled with gumballs) $75 Value

Second Place Prize - King Carousel Gumball Machine (filled with gumballs) $55 Value

Third Place Prize - Junior Carousel Gumball Machine (filled with gumballs) $40 Value


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National Bubble Gum Day - February 1, 2013

Given that there's a "National Day" for almost anything one can think of, it probably won't shock you to find out that there is a National Bubble Gum Day. But what may shock you is the "what" and "why" behind this sticky day held annually on the first Friday in February. 

9 Inch Carousel Gumball MachineRuth Spiro, a writer, children's book author and bubble gum fan created this holiday in 2006. A mother of two and tired of all the traditional fundraisers that required her kids to sell things to people, she came up with a fun way for the school and kids to raise money. Since kids are not allowed to chew gum at school, why not allow them to pay for the right to chew gum at least one day a year? And with this clever idea... National Bubble Gum Day was born.

So, what exactly is this Bubble Gum Day and how does it work? Everyone who donates 50 cents or more gets to chew gum in school, with proceeds going to any charity the school chooses. Also, some teachers have now gone as far as to incorporate bubble gum into their lessons for the day! And now 7 years later, this celebration isn't limited to only schools. Many libraries, children's museums, community groups, businesses, military bases and even senior centers now hold Bubble Gum Day events. In the recent years the day has now gained more exposure after being covered on television and radio, and in newspapers and magazines.

One of the most notable things is how the funds raised from previous Bubble Gum Day celebrations have been used. Animals were purchased through Heifer International, snacks were sent to soldiers stationed in Iraq, and books were purchased for Reading is Fundamental.
Why not join in on the fun this year? Chew gum, blow bubbles and raise money for a favorite charity. For more information on National Bubble Gum Day visit: www.BubbleGumDay.
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November 1, 2012
For Immediate Release
Media Contact: Carries New Seaga 18-6 Vending Machine!

Irvine, CA (November 1, 2012) - Irvine, CA – has teamed up with Seaga Manufacturing to offer the all new Seaga 18-6 Combo Vending Machine which features flexibility of products, full line features and high capacity in a space saving footprint.

More versatile than other vending machines, the Seaga 18-6 Combo Vending Machine is the only one in its class that enables you the freedom to vend beverages in can and bottle form plus a wide assortment of snacks. Most other vending machine brands are locked into vending either cans or bottles, but not both. The Seaga 18-6 comes pre-configured at the factory to vend 3 can and 3 bottle options, but in a wide range sizes from 12 – 20 ounces. It is the only model in its class that offers the end-user the flexibility to switch between cans or bottles by changing out internal shims and cams. It has a large capacity; holding up to 192 snacks and 126 drinks. The Seaga 18-6 is made of heavy-duty steel construction making this machine suitable for high-traffic locations.

“The Seaga 18-6 Combo Vending Machine is a convenient one-stop shop for your customers. This flexible machine features 18 different selections of candy, chips, pastries, snack bars, cookies and other snack options plus 6 different beverage choices in a space saving format.” says Spencer Williams, CEO of

This is great news for the vending market because this powerful new vending machine comes in a manageable size and provides the ability to market a wide range of products with just one machine. Seaga is known for being one of the pioneering innovators of combination vending systems. The machines are designed to be easily set-up by both novices and professionals of the vending industry. Many of the Seaga machines require little to no need for a moving dolly or heavy lifting equipment. The Seaga 18-6 Combo Vending Machine is the perfect vending solution for oil change stations, hair salons, barber schools, technical colleges, fitness clubs, apartment complexes, hotels and commercial locations with break rooms.

Right now, consumers can save hundreds of dollars on a new Seaga 18-6 Combo Vending Machine; offer is valid November 1 through November 30, 2012 at

About, Inc.

Since 1993, has been the leading online vending machine products distributor, providing professional grade soda and snack machines, gumball and candy machines, gumballs, bulk candy, vending stickers, temporary tattoos and bouncy balls, all delivered fast and fresh to customers both domestically and internationally. is also proud to offer the largest selection of Seaga vending machines online. The company sells to businesses and individuals and carries more than 2,000 varieties of vending-related products backed up by our 105% low price guarantee.

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Sugar-Free Gum Prevents Cavities in Children

How many times were you told to "spit out your gum" at school? Well, now it turns out that chewing sugar-free gum can actually prevent cavities in children. New studies show that chewing sugar-free gum three to five times a day for five minutes each time can significantly reduce the number of cavities in children. However; not all sugar-free gum has the power to fight cavities. Look for gum that contains Xylitol, which is a "tooth-friendly" sugar alcohol used in some chewing gum and oral hygiene products.

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