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We stock a wide range of new factory original vending machine parts. If you don't see what you are looking for call us and we'll do our best to help you. But first check out the information below to assist you in fining out what you need.

Identifying Your Machine

The first step in finding out which is the correct part for your machine is to determine which type of machine you have. Is it a gumball machine, a candy machine, or a capsule machine? Once you can establish the make and model of your machine you can look under the various sections of machines that we do sell. Under our Parts section we have the different machines we carry parts for listed. But first of course you need to determine which type of machine you have.

The most useful piece of information is to find out who manufactured your machine. To ensure that the part we send you will work with your machine, we need to know who makes it. However, this can be difficult because many models look very similar and not all manufacturers brand their products clearly.

The first places to check for identifying features are the chute door and the top lid. These are the most common areas for branding. For example, the Rhino chute doors have an image of a rhino and the V-Line machines have "V-LINE" printed on their lids.

You can also check the coin mechanism, but be mindful that this is not always an accurate way to identify who produced the machine. Some coin mechanisms can work on many different machines. For instance, many manufacturers use the Beaver coin mechanism because its reliable design. If you see "BEAVER" printed on the coin mechanism, it does not necessarily mean the entire machine was manufactured by Beaver vending.

There may also be stickers or decals on other parts of the machine that have identifying markings or brandings. This is especially true for spiral machines that can often look very similar but will often have a giant "Wizard" or "Road Runner" decal on the spiral track.

If you still cannot find any characterizing logos or markings, you can also try comparing your machine to the ones we sell on our site. This is not the most accurate way but it can help narrow down which possible manufacturers it could be, and it also gives us a better idea of what type of machine you have.

If none of these methods are effective you can take a picture of your machine and email it to us at: Be sure to include any parts of the machine that you think may be helpful in identifying. You can also leave a quick note letting us know which part you need and any other information that might be useful.

It should be noted that if we don't sell a specific manufacturers machine, we cannot guarantee its compatibility with any of our parts. We do have a no refund policy on parts so we suggest you do your best to ensure that the part you need is manufactured by the same company as your machine.

Finding the Right Lock & Key

One of the most common lock & key problems we receive here at is replacing a lost key. Most gumball machines have a unique key code so if you don't have the specific key code written down, it is almost impossible to replace the key. There is no master key for all gumball machines because this would compromise their security. Locks and keys are only sold together as a set.

If you have lost your key and don't have record of its code printed on the head, you will need to drill out the old lock and replace it with a new one. Directions can be found in this tutorial. With the right tools this process can be fairly simple.

Gumball Key Codes

Just because you are replacing the entire lock, it does not necessarily mean that any new lock will work with your machine. We still encourage you to order the same type of key made by the same manufacturer.

If your key is broken but you still have the key code printed on its head, you may be able to order a replacement that will work with your current lock. The key codes we do carry are listed in the description section of the product. If you find your key code listed in the product description section of the key's page, you can tell us which key you need by writing that in the customer notes section of the checkout process.

If you are having trouble identifying which type of lock and key you need to order there are several steps you can take. First, identifying your machine is the most helpful. You can find directions how to do this at the top of the page. You should also determine if your lock accepts a barrel or flat key. Most gumball locks are made for tubular barrel locks but some use flat locks. You may also want to measure the dimensions of your lock once it is removed and compare it to the dimensions listed of the locks posted on our site.