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    Beaver Vending Machine

  • Northern Beaver double head vending machine Color options for Northern Beaver & Flat Pack vending machines
  • Beaver 5 head combination bulk vending machine on rolling stand Beaver 5 head combination bulk vending machine

Unleashing Vending Excellence with Beaver Machine Corporation

Beaver Machine Corporation is a leader in the vending machine industry, known for their innovation, resilience, and exceptional quality. Their machines are handcrafted and personalized to precise specifications, making them a lifelong ally for savvy vending operators who prioritize longevity and dependability.

Beaver machines are not just gumball machines, but platforms of infinite possibilities. They can be used to dispense a wide variety of items, from candy and gumballs to golf balls and animal feed. The machines are customizable to your specifications, with a variety of configuration options that serve a diverse clientele and evolving trends.

Beaver machines come in striking body colors, including circus red, navy blue, hunter green, canary yellow, black, sky blue, and arctic white. Trim options are available in chrome, black, circus red, and canary yellow, adding a further personalized touch. The option of various globe sizes and capacities cater to diverse vending requirements.

Equipped with the award-winning Beaver New Generation coin mechanism, Beaver machines embody reliability and security. Coin mechanisms can be set to accept one to four quarters, a wide range of token sizes, foreign currency, or even operate on free-vend. An optional cash box, available in chrome or black finish, adds functionality with a separate compartment for coin collection.

For varied vending requirements, Beaver offers an extensive range of stands, from single head configurations to professional rack setups featuring 4 to 16 heads. They also provide tower and wall-mounted configurations, ensuring their machines can be installed in diverse settings. To cater to outdoor applications like animal feed or golf balls, they offer optional weatherproofing.

Beaver Legacy: Innovation and Quality

Beaver Machine Corporation has a long history of innovation and quality. Founded in 1963 as Machine-O-Matic, they began their journey by producing replacement parts for bulk vendors. Soon, their innovative approach led to the creation of the first complete machine, the “Round Beaver 16” (RB16). They kept pushing boundaries, introducing the first polycarbonate, shatter-resistant globe in the industry. Over the years, they expanded their portfolio to include the capsule vending “Northern Beaver,” becoming a testament to their inventive prowess.

Beaver’s mechanical rotary coin mechanism is another hallmark of their innovative journey. It has set the global standard for bulk vending technology, capable of accurately measuring the diameter and thickness of a coin and rejecting slugs or foreign currency. Today, this mechanism is used in vending equipment worldwide.

Beaver Philosophy: Continual Improvement and Innovation

Beaver’s philosophy of constant improvement and dedication to research and development has kept them at the cutting edge of the vending industry. Leveraging the power of CAD models, they continue to refine their product line and push the boundaries of what is possible in bulk vending.

In 2014, Beaver took a bold step into the future by establishing a new division, BMC Universal Technologies Inc. This innovative division moved them into the digital realm of high tech computerized “Unattended Retailing,” marking a new era in vending history.

Today, Beaver remains committed to its promise of a limited lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. With products shipped to over 120 countries worldwide, they stand as a testament to dedication, hard work, and visionary thinking. Whether you're a customer or a partner, with Beaver, you are part of a story of innovation and excellence in the vending industry.