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    Small Plush 4"-7"

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  • 50% Licensed Small Plush Mix 96 ct
  • 100% Licensed Small Plush Mix 150 ct 100% Licensed Small Plush Mix - 150 ct
  • Valentine's Day Small Generic Plush Mix 108 ct
  • Small 100% Generic 6in-9in Easter Plush Mix 108 ct
  • Halloween Small Generic Plush Mix 108 ct Product image
  • Halloween Non-Licensed Small Plush Mix 150 ct  Product Image
  • Small Generic 8in-9in Christmas Plush
  • Small Generic Plush Kit 8-9 in.
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  • Small Generic Plush Kit 8-9 in. #2
  • Close up view of cute colorful plush
  • Small 25% Licensed Plush Kit 6in-9in 96 ct
  • Small Generic Plush Kit Mix 8-9 in. #4
  • Small Generic Plush Kit Mix 8-9 in. #6
  • Small Generic Plush Kit Mix 8-9 in. #7
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Liven up the experience at your arcade, fairground, or family entertainment center with our unique range of small-sized 4"-7" plush refills, crafted specifically for crane and claw machines. Tailored to deliver memorable experiences and endless entertainment, these plushies are not only adorably irresistible but also an integral element in enhancing your venue's allure and profitability.

The compact size of these plush toys is an advantage in more ways than one. Their 4"-7" dimension ensures that they fit snugly into the claw of the machine, providing an ideal graspable object and thus enhancing the player's experience. It creates a balanced game that merges challenge with feasibility, enticing players to indulge more, which invariably leads to increased playtime and returns.

A diverse offering is vital to maintain interest, and our plush refills are available in an array of exciting themes. Opt for a generic mix to cater to a broad audience or upgrade to our licensed ranges to draw in fans of popular franchises. We offer 10%, 25%, 50%, and even 100% licensed plush refills, providing a wide scope of options to perfectly align with your customer demographics and preferences.

In addition to our year-round selections, we also offer specialized seasonal plush refills. From Santa Claus and reindeer for Christmas, adorable bunnies for Easter, heart-themed plushies for Valentine's Day, to patriotic plush for 4th of July, we have it all. These timely themes inject a sense of festivity into your venue, ensuring that the excitement and joy of the season are palpably felt by your customers.

Moreover, the presence of smaller plush toys in your crane machines can significantly maximize your profit margins. Smaller plushies mean more fits in a single machine, providing more opportunities for a win per play. This can lead to increased attempts by players, thereby amplifying your earnings per machine.

Ensuring quality is paramount to us. All our plush toys are made to withstand the hustle and bustle of an arcade environment, lasting through numerous attempts while retaining their charm. They are also perfectly safe, made with non-toxic materials and rigorous quality checks, ensuring they're suitable for players of all ages.

Whether you're looking to revitalize your crane machine experience or want to keep up with the latest trends and seasonal celebrations, our 4"-7" plush refills are the answer. They serve as a perfect blend of fun, challenge, and reward that keeps customers hooked. With their versatile themes, compelling size, and high-quality build, they are the perfect ingredient to boost your claw machine's attractiveness and profitability.