Wrapped Gum

Individually Wrapped Gumballs and Single-Wrapped Bubble Gum for Sale! Single-wrapped gum balls are a great way to keep gumballs fresh and sanitary for parties, pinata's, Halloween treats and any other special event you can dream up. Individually twist-wrapped bubble gum is fun for all and the choices we offer bring back the nostalgic days of chewing wrapped pink bubble gum when you were a kid.

Gumball.com bubble gum balls are the yummiest and freshest gumballs on earth! We sell huge volumes of gum balls each month and receive factory-fresh shipments on a weekly basis, ensuring our gum products are the freshest they can possibly be before shipment. Our high turnover rate means that our gum balls are NOT warehoused for months, so you can enjoy a long shelf-life of about 12-18 months. Taste the difference yourself!