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    Ticket Dispenser

  • AC111 Ticket Dispenser - Front Load AC111 Front Load Ticket Dispenser product image
  • MCM100-TIK Standard Change Ticket Dispenser Product Image MCM100-TIK Standard Change Ticket Dispenser Product Image Front View
  • AC110 Ticket Dispenser Kiosk Left View Product Image AC110 Ticket Dispenser Kiosk Right View Product Image

Streamlined Transactions: Ticket Dispensing Machines for Efficient Customer Experiences

Welcome to our range of ticket dispensing machines designed to revolutionize ticketing transactions. Seamlessly accepting various payment methods, including credit cards, our advanced machines provide convenience and efficiency for businesses and customers alike. Whether you need front load, rear load, or floor standing models, we offer a comprehensive selection to meet your specific needs. As a one-stop destination, we proudly feature top brands such as American Changer, Rowe, Seaga, and Standard Change-makers, ensuring quality and reliability. 

Benefits of Our Ticket Dispensing Machines:

  1. Seamless Ticketing Experience: Our machines offer a hassle-free ticketing process, accepting various payment methods, including credit cards. Customers can conveniently purchase tickets without the need for cash, streamlining the transaction and saving time.

  2. Efficient Transaction Processing: With credit card acceptance, our machines expedite ticketing transactions, reducing waiting times for customers. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased operational efficiency.

  3. Versatile Ticket Dispensing: Our machines provide the flexibility to dispense different types of tickets, such as event tickets, transportation passes, parking tickets, or entry passes to attractions. Customers can easily obtain tickets for their desired activities or events.

  4. Secure Payment Handling: By integrating credit card payments, our ticket dispensing machines ensure secure transactions, reducing the risk of cash mishandling and enhancing financial accountability.

Use Cases for Our Ticket Dispensing Machines:

  1. Entertainment Venues: Our ticket dispensing machines are ideal for entertainment venues such as theaters, cinemas, concerts, or theme parks. Customers can purchase tickets using credit cards and receive their tickets instantly, allowing for a seamless entry experience.

  2. Transportation Systems: Our machines find utility in transportation hubs, including airports, train stations, or bus terminals. Travelers can conveniently purchase tickets for their journeys, ensuring a smooth and efficient boarding process.

  3. Parking Facilities: Simplify the parking payment process by incorporating our ticket dispensing machines. Customers can easily pay for parking using credit cards and receive tickets that grant them access to the parking facility.

  4. Events and Conferences: From trade shows and conferences to exhibitions and festivals, our ticket dispensing machines offer a convenient solution for event organizers. Attendees can purchase tickets with ease, enabling smooth entry and access to the event.

Customization Options:

Our ticket dispensing machines can be customized to meet specific requirements, enhancing functionality and security. Options include:

  • Credit Card Processing: Integrate credit card processing solutions such as Nayax, ePort, or Cryptopay Kits for seamless transactions.

  • Ticket Types: Customize the machine to dispense various ticket formats, such as thermal tickets or QR code-based e-tickets.

  • Printing Capabilities: Add receipt and audit printers to provide customers with transaction records and enhance financial tracking.

  • Security Features: Choose T-Handle locks and additional security options to protect cash and prevent unauthorized access.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our ticket dispensing machines, designed to streamline ticketing transactions. Whether you operate an entertainment venue, transportation system, parking facility, or organize events, our machines cater to your specific needs. Shop top brands including American Changer, Rowe, SeagaStandard Change-makers, and Triad. Enjoy the benefits of seamless ticketing experiences, efficient transaction processing, versatile ticket dispensing, and secure payment handling. Customize your machine with credit card processing capabilities, ticket types, and security features to enhance functionality and meet your specific requirements. Elevate your ticketing process and deliver exceptional customer experiences with our wide range of ticket dispensing machines.