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Are you looking for a fun and colorful alternative to candy or gumballs for your vending machines? Bouncy balls may be the perfect product for you. This vendible toy is a great attention grabber, certain to entertain many. offers a wide selection of bouncy balls and super balls. What is the difference between bouncy and super balls? The simple answer is there really isn't one. They're both just different names for the same rubber ball that bounces. The Super Ball was the name the product was initially marketed under but it is now known as any rubbery ball that bounces.

I want to buy in bulk. How many super-balls are in included in a case?

  • 27mm - 250 balls/bag and 8 bags in each case = 2,000 balls
  • 32mm - 100 balls/bag and 10 bags in each case = 1,000 balls
  • 45mm - 50 balls/bag and 8 bags in each case = 400 balls
  • 49mm - 40 balls/bag and 10 bags in each case = 400 balls
  • 60mm - 12 balls/bag and 12 bags in each case = 144 balls
  • 75mm - 12 balls/bag and 5 bags in each case = 60 balls

    What size bouncy ball should I buy? This depends on your intended purpose. If you plan on dispensing them in your vending machine you will want to choose the size that correlates with the dispensing wheel on the bottom of your machine. We have included a sizing chart to help convert the sizes from the metric system. If you want to place bouncy balls in a machine that is designed for gumballs you will need the 27mm sized bouncy balls. If you want to vend bouncy balls in a toy capsule vending machine you will most likely need 45mm or 49mm sized bouncy balls (approximately 2 inches).

    Can I mix bouncy balls with other vendible items? It's typically not a good idea to mix bouncy balls with edible products like gumballs, jawbreakers or candy. This is for safety purposes and also because the rubbery smell can spoil the flavor of the candy. But bouncy balls can vend with toy capsules of the same size. This will add another prize option for the customers using your machines. If you choose to mix bouncy balls with toy capsules, we recommend carefully mixing them together, rather than dropping the balls onto the capsules, because the weight can sometimes pop the lids off the capsules and open them.

    What type/ style bouncy ball should I choose? We carry a large assortment of bouncy balls in different shapes and styles. Some of our bouncy balls are shaped differently to alter the direction of the bounce. Some are translucent. Some have colorful designs. Some have subtle designs. Some are big. Some are small. Some look like sports balls. Some look like eyeballs. You have many different options when selecting which bouncy balls to choose from.

    What are super balls made of? Most bouncy and super balls are made from polybutadiene rubber. Other ingredients can be added to alter the color and/or design of the bouncy ball. Some of the star bouncy balls have sparkles in them to give them a flash. But the base ingredient of super balls is rubber.