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    Packaged Candy

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  • Skittles Fruit Flavor Rainbow Candy, Party Size 54 ounces front of bag Skittles Fruit Flavor Rainbow Candy, Party Size 54 ounces back of bag
  • Candy Necklaces Wrapped Product Image Candy Necklaces Wrapped Product Close Up
  • Pastel colored Candy Necklace opened Close up view of Koko's brand wrapped candy necklace
  • icee spray candy box icee spray candy
  • ICEE Squeeze Candy 72 ct
  • Close up of wrapped and unwrapped Albert's assorted fruit flavored chew candy 240 ct bag of Albert's assorted fruit flavored chew candies
  • Close up of wrapped and unwrapped Albert's banana flavored chew candy 240 ct bag of Albert's banana flavored chew candies
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In the colorful world of candy, where rainbow hues and whimsical shapes meet an array of delightful flavors, one name stands out for its unparalleled selection and high-quality offerings— With our assortment that spans the spectrum from timeless classics to novel sensations, we invite you on a sweet journey, one where every piece of candy holds the promise of a joyful memory, a shared laugh, or a nostalgic moment.

Among our myriad offerings, our wrapped candies are a sight to behold. Unwrap an M&M's® Plain or an M&M's Peanut and discover not just a candy, but a moment of bliss. These encapsulated chocolate bites have been childhood favorites for decades, cherished by adults and children alike, offering the perfect balance of crunchy shell and creamy milk chocolate. For those who love a fruity punch, our Skittles and Starburst Fun Size packets are the perfect choice. Their vibrant colors and tangy yet sweet flavors are sure to bring a delightful twist to your taste buds.

In a whimsical corner of our candy universe, you'll find our gummi products— a testament to the playful side of candy making. From efrutti® Mini Burger Gummies to Candy Jackpot Slot Machines, our gummies mimic everyday items, transforming mundane shapes into a sweet and chewy adventure. With their intricate designs and fruity flavors, these candies aren’t just a treat for your palate, but also a feast for your eyes.

Our variety doesn't stop at classic gummies and chocolates. Explore further, and you'll find a plethora of options like candy necklaces and watches—functional and fun accessories that double as a sweet treat. For those with a penchant for pop, our collection of Dum Dum® Pops and Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Pops can't be missed. These pops, with their assortment of flavors, offer a burst of sugary goodness with each lick.

The hard candy section at brings together the ageless charm of treats like Smarties® Rolls, Jolly Ranchers, and Giant Smarties, among others. Their crunch and prolonged flavor make for a lingering, enjoyable candy experience. Our Warheads® Candy, on the other hand, is perfect for daredevils who enjoy a sour punch.

Our candy selection goes beyond the traditional, encompassing an exciting range of spray and squeeze candies. The ICEE® Popping Candy with Lollipop, ICEE Spray Candy, or the Slush Puppie Spray Candy, offer unique ways to enjoy a sugary treat, adding an element of surprise and excitement to each bite.

We also understand that nostalgia plays a significant role in candy preferences. That's why we house an array of PEZ Dispensers featuring your favorite characters from Star Wars, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Disney. Each bite from these candy dispensers transports you back to your cherished childhood memories, making them as much a collectible as a candy delight.

Furthermore, our expansive range of fruit chews, from Assorted Fruit Chews to Taffy Time® Fruit Chews and Flintstones™ Fruit Chews, offer a soft, chewy texture that perfectly complements their bursting fruit flavors. They embody the soul of fruit, packed in a sweet, succulent bite.

At, we aim to cater to every palate, preference, and whim. Our wide selection of candy, in every imaginable shape, color, and flavor, ensures that everyone can find something to satisfy their sweet cravings. Yet, if there is a specific candy you're searching for, and can't find it on our website, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will go the extra mile to find it for you.

In a world full of ordinary, choose to make your day extraordinary with a piece of candy from From the fun and playful to the classic and comforting, our candy collection promises a world of sweetness, one candy at a time.