Toy Vending Capsules

We have encapsulated toys designed for vending for sale! We offer a comprehensive selection of toy filled capsules and supplies for all of your vending machine needs. Our vending products are manufactured to the highest safety standards and are the best quality. Looking to increase your vending profits? Check out our vast selection of reliable money making toy capsule machines. Simply click the category images below below to shop for toy capsule products.

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Toy capsules are a perfect vending option for locations that are visited by large numbers of kids and toy seekers. They’re also a good option for people who are looking for a sugar free alternative that won’t expire or go stale. When utilized in the correct site, these machines can be highly profitable. Whether you’re looking to vend licensed or generic miniature toy vending capsules, or both, gumball.com carries the largest assortment of toys and bulk vending refills, sure to suit your vending needs.

Shapes, Sizes, and Types of Toy Capsules

The most common type of toy capsule is the acorn. This is a clear bowl shaped plastic with a flat lid. There are also round and egg shapped capsules, which, as their names suggest, have no flat sides. 

Chances are if you see a toy capsule vending machine, it dispenses either one or two inch capsules. Most gumball machines can be adjusted to vend round one inch capsules. Kids tend to be drawn to the two inch capsule machines to receive bigger toys or prizes. Our widest selections of toy capsules are for one and two inch sizes, with hundreds of different options for your machine.

The Tomy Gacha toy capsule vending machines are one of the most popular products in the vending industry. The regular 2” capsules will vend in a Tomy Gacha machine but not all Tomy capsules will vend in other types of machines, so we don’t recommend ordering Tomy Gacha capsules unless you have a Tomy Gacha Machine. The Gacha toys tend to be very popular because of their large selection of licensed products.

Toy eggs are another vending alternative for your capsule vending machine. These are most popular in our Delux Dinovend machine. Their colored shells make them ideal for surprise mixes.

Although they’re much more rare, we do offer three and four inch toy capsules as well. These are most often used for crane machines but can be dispensed from some of our toy capsule vending machines as well. These toys usually include larger items like plushies, small electronics, and puffer balls.

Empty toy capsules give you much more freedom to vend whatever product you think your location will demand. You can purchase these capsules to fill with your own toys. Or you can also find many of our toys without capsules in our Bulk Toys section. You may also choose to by creative and vend products corresponding with your location. A music shop may want to vend guitar pics in empty 1” capsules. Toy capsules with cue chalk are a helpful addition to any pool hall. If you have any product smaller than two inches, you may want to consider making it available in a vending machine. You also have the option of selecting which color lid you would like.

How do I display which toys my machine carries?

With almost every case of toy capsules that we sell, we include a display card so your customers know what the capsules contain. The display cards fit in the front window of most machines and are designed to catch the attention of passers-by. It should be noted that the Tomy Gacha displays are slightly different sizes and made specifically for the Tomy Gacha machines.

Pricing vending machine toys

When choosing your vending machine toys you need to take in to account how much money your machines accept. Toy capsules are typically sold in quantities of 250. If your machine accepts one quarter you can expect to generate $62.50 from one case (250 X .25 = $62.50). Fifty cent machines would be double this amount. Dollar machines would be quadruple. If you choose to vend any licensed material we suggest using a machine that accepts at least 50 cents. These products are typically more expensive but tend to garner more attention.

Locations for bulk toy vending machines

Toy capsule vending machines are best situated anywhere where there are a lot of kids. Some popular locations are bowling alleys, candy stores, car washes, malls, comic book stores, arcades, pizza parlors, skating rinks, laser tag facilities, and convenience stores. The more traffic that your machines receive, the more revenue you generate. You can also tailor the types of prizes your machine dispenses according to your particular location. For instance, a pet store may want to vend animal toys or capsules that have small pet accessories. The more creative you are with your machine and where it is placed, the more attention it will generate.