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    Bulk Candy

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    FREE SHIPPING on gum and candy for orders of 500+ pounds! Call for details.

    **Heat Warning: During the hot summer months, it is possible for candy to become melted during shipping. We do not cover any claims for products that are melted or defective due to the heat. Expedited shipping is available for additional fees. Please contact us at or 800-260-0010 for a quote on expedited shipping.

  • Skittles Bulk  Candy 40.5 LB Skittles Fruit Flavor Rainbow Candy, Party Size 54 ounces front of bag
  • Mike & Ike Candy Mike & Ikes 4.5 pound front of bag
  • Hot Tamales Candy Hot Tamales 72oz / 4.5 lbs front of bag
  • Hot Tamales 72oz / 4.5 lbs front of bag Hot Tamales 72oz / 4.5 lbs back of bag
  • Skittles Fruit Flavor Rainbow Candy, Party Size 54 ounces front of bag Skittles Fruit Flavor Rainbow Candy, Party Size 54 ounces back of bag
  • Mike & Ikes 4.5 pound front of bag Mike & Ikes 4.5 pound back of bag
  • chewy spree candy chewy spree candy product detail
  • Wonka Runts Candy Wonka Runts Candy product detail
  • Aquarium candy bulk Aquarium candy bulk product detail
  • Baby pacifier candy bulk Baby pacifier candy bulk product detail
    On sale
  • Banana heads bulk candies Banana heads bulk candy product detail
    On sale
  • Cry Baby Tears Extra Sour Bulk Candy Cry Baby Tears Extra Sour Bulk Candy Product Detail
    On sale
  • Funny Bones Candy Funny Bones Candy Product Detail
  • Kooky Bananas Bulk Candy Kooky Bananas Bulk Candy Product Detail
    On sale
  • Lotsa Sours Bulk Candy Lotsa Sours Bulk Candy Product Detail
  • Neon Stars Bulk Candy Neon Stars Bulk Candy Product Detail
  • Rascals Fruit Shaped Candy Rascals Fruit Shaped Candy Product Detail
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Bulk Candy

At we offer a variety of Bulk Candy for purchase. Whether you are looking for chicles, hard candy, chocolate or a mix, we sell candy to fit your every need. We know the importance of re-filling machines with bulk candy; this keeps the quarters rolling in.  Whether you are paying for candy for personal enjoyment or as a part of retaining customers, we know how buying in bulk is great for saving money. All our candy is delivered to you fresh, shipping within just a couple business days of your order.

There are many reasons that bulk candy vending is a great choice! Bulk candy has a large target audience – both children and adults love candy. You can increase your sales rate if you select just the right candy snacks. You can also take advantage of seasonal times of the year and the higher vending cost of premium, name brand candy, over generic brands.  Bulk candy is packed in cases weighing from 12 lbs to 30 lbs.


Amazing Things to Do With Bulk Candy

No vending machine? No problem! You can order bulk candy for special events, candy buffets, stock up on large bags for the office, even on those home favorites you cannot get enough of. Bulk candy ordering can bring valuable benefits, whether buying for a special event like a birthday party, or purchasing for use in your candy vending machine. Order bulk candy for your gingerbread house decorating party, or create works of art. The possibilities are endless!


What Types of Bulk Candy are Available?

Everyone loves the sweetness of Skittles candy, the kick of a Hot Tamale, the chewy goodness of a Mike & Ike, and the classic crack of chocolate from an M&M! These candies, and others, are sold in bulk. Most bags contain 14,000+ pieces. They will vend from any standard candy machine with a candy wheel. So you can fill your candy vending machines with delicious candies, sold in bulk.


The types of bulk candy we sell include name brands such as:


Mike & Ike

Hot Tamales

Reeses Pieces



Candy Blox


Kooky Bananas


And more candy


Bulk candy is packed in cases weighing from 12 lbs to 30 lbs.


Best Reasons to Buy Bulk Candy

Buying bulk candy is a great idea for those times when you need more than just a few pieces of candy. Read more below to discover why you should shop with for all your bulk candy orders.  


  • Cost Savings

If you would like to see an example of the cost savings, begin by comparing a smaller bag of candy purchase to a bulk bag; same great candy, vastly different price. Most consumers buy bulk candy because they are shocked at the difference in total price. Smaller bags are not economically priced; in fact, the price of a small bag is escalated. When you need a large amount of the sweet stuff, you can buy bulk and pay much less per ounce. You’re buying a larger volume, at a discounted cost.  With, you get bulk candy at wholesale pricing, which is likely much more appealing than the markup you would pay on smaller bags at the store.


  • Selection

Traditional retailers don't offer products packaged in such a large size. While wholesale clubs like Costco and Sam's Club occasionally stock a few of the most popular brands, this is typically only around Halloween, and the choices of types of candy are limited, if even available at all.  If you are looking for lots of types of options to choose from, at all times of the year, we can offer you the best selection of bulk candy online. We are able to offer this to you at the cheapest prices, and with free shipping.


  • Convenient Purchasing

When you buy candy in bulk online from, you can order whenever you want, no waiting until a store opens, and you can shop from the comfort of your home.


  • Stock up

Maybe you are fueling hungry co-workers who rely on a little sweetness to get through the day, or a night work crew who need a fix at night, think about how fast those little bags empty.  Candy stored in a cool, dry place, can last long. So go ahead and stock up!


  • Special Options

Bulk candy can come in special options that you won’t find at the sore. often has special offerings, like Hershey Kisses in particular colored wrappers; or themed candy for holidays, in special colors. You can buy to match a color or party theme.


  • Less Packaging

If you are looking to make less waste, bulk candy orders use less packaging than a bunch of smaller bags of candy would to meet that same amount of candy.


  • Fewer Purchases

When you purchase bulk candy, you are placing orders less frequently, so you can save time and worry about rush ordering what you need.


Why Buy Bulk Candy from

Fill your containers and vending machines and keep your guests and customers happy! Your bulk order can leave more money in your pocket, your budget and for future candy orders. Buy candy in bulk to stay on budget and keep on track financially.  


Browse our huge selection of bulk candy at today! If you don't see what you are looking for, call and ask, we'll custom make it OR help find it for you if it exists.