Chicle Gum

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Where can I buy chicle (also referred to as chicklets) gum for your bulk vending machine at wholesale prices? Right here! Shop our amazing selection of chicle gum products at wholesale prices! Remember when you were a child and the gumball machines of day would dispensed small squares of Chiclets brand gum and the cost was a penny or a dime? We do and we reflect fondly of those nostalgic days, when we hadn't a care in the world.

Tab gum is alive and well these days and available in a wide range of bright colors and flavors. Variations of assorted fruit, mint, and original flavor Dubble Bubble are sold in bulk. Most of our chiclets product are 1/2 inches square unless they are noted as mini or boo-boo bytes. These smaller sizes are 3/8 square. We sell a huge volume of gum and we receive factory-fresh shipments each week, ensuring our products are the freshest they can be before we ship to you.