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    Chicle Gum

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The Unforgettable Experience of Chicle Gum – Relive Your Memories

Do you recall the sheer delight of yesteryears, when a penny or a dime could bring you that tantalizing burst of sweetness in the form of small, brightly-colored Chiclets? In the midst of the world's digital transformation, we at, remain committed to fostering a sense of nostalgia that rekindles the simple pleasures of childhood.

Our collection of chicle, or "Chiclets" as they are fondly referred to, is a treat for both your taste buds and memories. We invite you to dive into an array of vibrant flavors, from the invigorating Dubble Bubble Polar Mint Chicle to the timeless delight of Dubble Bubble Original 1928 Pink Chicle, not forgetting the wide assortment of fruit flavors that are sure to enliven your senses.

While times may change, the classic shape of our chicle gum remains, with most of our products maintaining their traditional 1/2 inch square form. Of course, we appreciate that variety is the spice of life, and so, we also offer mini chicle chews and boo-boo bytes, which are 3/8 of an inch square, perfect for those who seek the same unforgettable taste in a smaller package.

Our chicle gum assortment is rich in nostalgic appeal, not just in form, but in flavors too. You can embark on a sensory journey with the Dubble Bubble Assorted Fruit Chicle Gum, which packs a surprising assortment of fruit flavors into those tiny squares. If you fancy a tropical escape, the Dubble Bubble Tropical Fruit Chicle presents an exciting opportunity to experience a tropical getaway, right from the comfort of your home.

Every week, we receive factory-fresh shipments, ensuring you get nothing but the freshest, most flavorful gum and candy on the market. 

We understand the joy that each small square of gum brings, and how that joy is amplified when these gum pieces are plentiful. That's why we offer our unforgettable chicle gum at wholesale prices, making them ideal for use in bulk vending machines, events, parties, or just to keep your gum jar filled at home.

At, we're not just selling chicle gum; we're offering a piece of history, a token of simpler times, and a burst of exciting flavors. We're in the business of creating smiles and sharing happiness. So, why wait? Treat yourself to a vibrant and flavorful trip down memory lane with our irresistible range of chicle gums. After all, some things never lose their charm, and we believe chicle gum is one of those timeless joys.

Whether you are a retail business owner, an event organizer, or simply a lover of good old chicle gum, is your go-to destination. Let's keep the tradition of chicle gum alive together. Because the best memories, just like the best flavors, are the ones that stick with you.