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    Vending Tattoos

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  • Animal Attack Tattoo
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  • Baby Dragon Tattoos
  • Display card for Beast tattoos Close up view of 12 designs from beast temporary tattoos
  • Black Ink Tattoos
  • Card Shark Tattoos
  • Cat Tattoo
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  • 2-sided display card for Cutie vending tattoos
  • dc comics logo vending tattoos in cardboard folders DC Superhero logo tattoos
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  • Purple and white display card for Dream temporary tattoos
  • Geometric Animal Tattoos Product Image Geometric Animal Tattoos Product Detail
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In a world that thrives on diversity and personalized flair, we curate an ever-evolving collection of the trendiest and most desired temporary tattoos, tailored for your unique sticker/tattoo vending machine. From the enchanting Arms and Ankles Temporary Tattoos that wrap around with grace, to the thrilling Boneyard Skull Tattoos by Lethal Threat that make a bold statement, our expansive range covers an impressive variety of themes. Our flat vending products aren't just products, they are creative expressions that enhance the allure of your vending station, stimulating engagement and ensuring a lucrative return.

We appreciate the artistry in diversity and our catalog offers the latest styles, capturing everything from the timeless charm of Classic Tattoos Series by Liquid Skin to the modern edginess of Chicano Temporary Tattoos. We have embraced the superhero fever with our DC Comics Character and Logo Tattoos, bringing the fantastical world of comics to reality. For the ones who prefer fantasy creatures, our Dragon and Unicorn Tattoos are sure to fascinate.

Our tattoos speak for every individual's style and interests. We celebrate feminine allure with our Chic Cutie Tattoos, the appealing Girls Classic Temporary Tattoos and Girls Club Temporary Tattoos, and the elegant Lower Back Tattoos, both standalone and by Lethal Threat. For those in love with nature's charm, we offer Nature Watercolor Tattoos and the uniquely delightful Llama Tattoos. If it's the quirky you seek, our MadBalls Tattoos, SpongeBob SquarePants Tattoos, and Sonic The Hedgehog™ Temporary Tattoos offer a dose of playful nostalgia.

Incorporating traditional art forms into modern designs, our Henna Tattoos and Watercolor Tattoos Series #2 provide an artistic touch, while our Geometric Animal Tattoos and Single Line Tattoos echo modern minimalism. For the lovers of mystic and gothic, we have Mystic Temporary Tattoos, Terror Tattoos Series, and Outlaw Tattoos that create an air of mysterious allure. With our Once Upon a Zombie Tattoos and Zombie Tattoos, even the undead have a representation.

But that's not all! Our vending tattoos cater to enthusiasts of various aesthetics, such as Floral Flash Tattoos, dreamy Kaleido Creatures Rainbow Animal Tattoos, daring Roller Derby Tattoos and Stickers, and the striking Skull Tattoos #3.

Every item in our comprehensive selection comes pre-packaged in vending folders, ensuring they're ready for immediate use upon arrival. A single box houses 300 sheets of themed tattoos, perfectly sized to fill a column in any standard sticker/tattoo vending machine.

For those wanting to make a mark with their unique design, our Empty Flat Vending Folders (2,000 Count) are the ideal solution. Create your customized vending tattoos, package them with ease, and share your unique designs with the world.

Remember, our assortment is dynamic and constantly evolving to stay ahead of the latest trends and styles. We aim to make your sticker/tattoo vending machine a thriving hub of individual expression, creativity, and most importantly, fun!

Did you know your temporary tattoo vending machine can also vend an exciting array of stickers? That's right, diversify your product offering and capture a wider audience with our comprehensive line of trendy and appealing Flat Vending Stickers. Unleash a world of style, creativity, and fun - all from your existing flat vending machine!