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    Height & Weight Scales

  • Art Deco Weight Scale
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  • Digital readout height and weight scale in color white
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  • Guadalupe Weight Scale
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  • Hi-Tech Weight Scale
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  • Horoscope Weight Scale
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  • Space Shuttle Weight Scale
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  • Total Fitness Weight Scale
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Relive the nostalgic charm of yesteryears while staying rooted in the present with our Coin Operated Novelty Height and Weight Scales. These marvels of mechanical ingenuity and digital accuracy have a fascinating backstory that sets them apart from the typical weight-measuring instruments.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, penny-operated scales became a popular curiosity. The thrill of slipping a penny into a beautiful, ornate machine to learn one's weight was an exciting diversion, making these machines ubiquitous across railway stations, drug stores, and arcades. They were a testament to a world fascinated by new inventions, becoming not just a tool for health, but a source of amusement, a conversation starter, and a piece of decorative art.

Our modern novelty height and weight scales draw their inspiration from this rich history, combining nostalgia with contemporary utility. While keeping the vintage charm intact, we infuse our machines with today's advanced technology to ensure optimal accuracy and efficiency.

Imagine a sleek, coin-operated scale nestled in the corner of your shopping mall, gym, or amusement park. These machines are perfect for medium to high-traffic locations, enticing passers-by with a unique blend of history and novelty. And they're not just for the aesthetics or nostalgia, they offer a robust profit model with minimal effort on your part. The machines, once deployed, only have one job – to collect coins, and by extension, profits.

Another advantage of our coin-operated scales is their easy deployment. They're compact, ensuring that they won't disrupt the flow of your space. Rather, they'll become an intriguing and functional addition, a draw for both the health-conscious and the nostalgically inclined.

What truly sets our coin-operated scales apart, however, is the level of customization we offer. Every business has its unique identity, and we believe your scale should reflect that. Whether you prefer the stability of an iron base, need a bilingual decal in English and Spanish, or want to choose between a battery or plug with AC adapter for power, we've got you covered.

Choose from seven captivating themes: the elegant Art Deco, the modern Digital, the cultural Guadalupe, the cutting-edge Hi-Tech, the mystical Horoscope, the adventurous Space Shuttle, or the motivational Total Fitness. Each theme offers a distinct vibe and an aesthetic appeal, ensuring that your scale is not just a machine, but an integral part of your location's personality.

A well-placed, eye-catching novelty scale is a proven attention magnet. Whether it's in a hotel lobby, a cinema hallway, or a bustling restaurant, it invites curious onlookers to engage and creates an interactive point of interest.

Investing in our coin-operated novelty height and weight scales is more than just owning a piece of history or a profit-making machine. It's about creating an atmosphere, sparking conversations, and offering a unique experience. Bring the enchantment of the past to your space while making the most of the present with our captivating novelty scales. Their charm lies in their balance of the old and the new, offering a slice of the past that's still wonderfully functional in today's digital age.