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    45 mm (2 inch) Bouncy Balls

  • 45 mm Frosty Superballs 45 mm Frosty Superballs product detail
  • 45 mm Swirled Ball Mix
  • 45 mm Color Stripe VII Bouncy Balls
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  • 45 mm Confetti balls 45 mm Confetti balls
  • Bowling Ball Mix in gray, pink, blue, yellow and purple
  • close up view of ball mix
  • 45 MM Assorted Super Balls
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Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of 45mm bouncy balls! These entertaining spheres, affectionately referred to as superballs or high bounce balls, are not just balls, but encapsulated joy ready to bounce into your day. These lively orbs are a treat for kids and adults alike, promising countless hours of amusement.

The 45mm bouncy balls are carefully designed to vend from any of our 2-inch capsule or bouncy ball vending machines. Astute operators find this size a smart choice. Despite being slightly smaller, they are more cost-effective than their larger 2-inch counterparts. The result? A beautiful balance of fun and profitability. Not to mention, their larger size enhances the thrill of play - you can bounce them much higher and their distinct size makes them easier to find upon landing.

The magic of our 45mm superballs is not confined to their bouncy charm. It extends into their stunning visual presentation as well. We delight in offering a plethora of designs to cater to varied tastes. Our collection includes an assorted mix, premium designs, frosty finish, intriguing swirled patterns, fun 3-D alien and snake designs, a unique bowling ball style, and the ever-popular confetti design. We are committed to constantly innovating and refreshing our lineup, ensuring a fresh experience for you every time you visit.

These bouncy balls don’t just make for great fun; they double as perfect party favors, adding an element of delight to any celebration. Furthermore, they can serve as attractive rewards in pediatric clinics and dentist offices, offering a creative way to make visits more enjoyable for young patients.

Planning to make a bulk purchase? Here's what you need to know. Each case houses 8 bags, with each bag containing 50 meticulously designed super-balls, amounting to a total of 400 balls per case. This considerable quantity makes them an excellent choice for large-scale events or for consistently restocking your vending machines.

To sum it up, our 45mm bouncy balls are more than just toys. They are a source of joy, a stimulus for laughter, and the creators of memorable moments. Embrace the wonder and enjoy the unparalleled joy these lively spheres provide. With their impressive bounce and diverse designs, they are bound to capture the imagination of all.

Our 45mm bouncy balls are one of the best selling items in our store, and will vend from any standard toy capsule vending machine as well as Tomy Gacha machines. Apart from these popular medium-sized bouncy balls, we also offer balls in other sizes, from the smaller 27mm and 32mm to the larger 49mm and 60mm sizes. Each size holds its unique charm and captivating designs. Browse through our collections of bouncy balls big and small, and remember, we're here to make sure every bounce brings a smile to your face!"

No matter your preference, we're here to ensure that every bounce brings immense joy!