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    Bulk Candy

    FREE SHIPPING on gum and candy orders of 500+ pounds! Call for details.

  • Blox Candy - Lego-shaped bulk candy Candy Blox - Lego Candy 11 LB
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  • Flower Power Candy product image Flower Power Candy bulk product close up
  • Rascals Fruit Shaped Candy Rascals Fruit Shaped Candy Product close up
  • Dubble Bubble Spaced Out Bulk Candy Dubble Bubble Spaced Out Bulk Candy Product Close Up
  • Bananarama Candy Product Image Bananarama Candy Product Detail Candy Pieces
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Savor the Sweet Benefits of Bulk Candy Shopping

Candy – the universal language of sweetness, embraced by children and adults alike. With the colorful charm and the sheer variety, it can brighten up any day, be it a weekday in the office, a social gathering, or a seasonal event.

At, we are devoted to bringing a rich variety of bulk candy to our customers. Whether you have an insatiable sweet tooth, plan to stock up your office pantry, or need to refill your candy vending machines, is your one-stop destination. We are proud to serve as the bridge between your candy cravings and the best bulk deals.

Why Choose for Your Bulk Candy Purchase?

  1. Unbeatable Price and Freshness: Unlike regular store-bought candy, our bulk candy offerings come with a significant cost advantage. With us, you will pay much less per ounce, thanks to our wholesale pricing. As we ship within just a few business days of your order, you can rest assured about the freshness of our products.

  2. Broad Range of Options: As a specialized candy store, we offer an array of bulk candies throughout the year, way beyond what traditional retailers and wholesale clubs offer. From the classic M&Ms and Skittles to the fiery Hot Tamale and tooth busting jawbreakers, our selection will leave you spoilt for choice.

  3. Convenient Shopping: Our online platform allows you to shop for bulk candy anytime, anywhere. No need to wait for a physical store to open or hustle through the crowded aisles. With, your favorite candies are just a few clicks away.

  4. Satisfy Your Stock Needs: Got a hungry crew at work or a sweet-toothed family at home? Buying candy in bulk ensures that you always have a sufficient supply. Stored in a cool, dry place, our bulk candy can last for a long time.

  5. Eco-friendly Approach: Our bulk candy orders use less packaging than individual bags of candy, aligning with your commitment to sustainability.

Discover the Sweet Benefits of Bulk Candy with

Bulk candy is a great choice for various reasons. Be it for personal use or commercial purposes, the benefits are numerous. The economic efficiency, the extensive selection, and the joy of having your favorite candy, including lollipops, in abundance – these are just some of the highlights.

And when you choose, the advantages amplify. Our commitment to offering quality candy, comprehensive variety, unbeatable prices, and delightful shopping experience is what sets us apart.

So, whether you're planning to order bulk candy for a vending machine, an event, or simply to keep your pantry well-stocked, remember – is here to cater to your sweet needs. Explore our wide variety of bulk candies today and unleash the joy of sweet savings! If you can't find what you're looking for, give us a call – we're always ready to help you find or even custom-make the perfect candy for you.