Coin Crash Derby/ Coin Spiral Wishing Well

$ 1,995.00

Coin Crash Derby/ Coin Spiral Wishing Well

Price: $ 1,995.00

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  • Coin Crash Derby/Coin Spiral Wishing Well - Coin funnel wishing wells are the latest innovation in vending. This fun, car racing themed coin funnel provides fun entertainment without any power or product. This cash cow consumes tons of money and is great for fund raisers and charity events. Helps customers get rid of annoying change while having fun. Use the funnel to have customers race against their friends and watch as they keep coming back for more!

    How it works: Simply place a coin in one of the two launching ramps (on opposite sides of funnel facing each other) and watch as the coin swirls around the funnel 40+ times, faster and faster, until the coin reaches its terminal velocity of up to 50 MPH and drops down into the center of the coin funnel into a locked box. You'll be astonished to watch the customers lining up to "race" each other to see which quarter is the first to drop into your profit center! Note that 4 coins can be launched at the same time without crashing into each other.

    • All steel construction, including funnel
    • Dual Medco lock for security
    • Includes slide out perforated bottom carriage to make servicing easier
    • Perforated bottom allows accidental spills to pass through and not collect on the bottom
    • No power, no moving parts, no product required, all profit
    • Includes bottom carriage on 8 casters for easy access to coin boxes and cleaning
    • Includes 4 large steel coin boxes with perforated bottoms
    • 41" across, ideal for locations where space is limited.
    • Themed race car and speedway to put customers in the competitive racing mood


    • Dimensions: 51" H x 41" W x 41" D
    • Weight: 250 lbs

    Availability: Made to order. Usually ships within 2-4 weeks.

    Important Delivery Information: This is a heavy freight item. If the delivery location does not have a receiving dock, a lift gate may be required to remove your machine from the delivery truck. A lift gate can be added to the delivery truck, at your request, for additional charge. Additionally, we can provide premium inside delivery service if your location requires.

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