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Where can I buy a key for a gumball or candy machine?

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Do you have an old gumball or candy vending machine that you've lost the key and want to buy a replacement? It happens all the time.

Types of Vending Machine Keys

The first thing you need to know is that there is no such thing as a universal key that will open all machines. The most common vending machine keys are either tubular or flat.

The tubular version, sometimes referred to as a barrel key, has a hollow, cylindrical shaft with grooves of varying length cut into the exterior surface at the end of the shaft. These grooves cause the pins in the lock to slide to the end of the groove and open the lock.

The flat key looks like your typical house key and can have teeth on one or two sides, the latter being more secure.

Beaver machine flat key and lock

Where to Buy a Replacement Key

Vending machine manufacturers have many versions of lock and key sets and they assign key codes to distributors and end users randomly across the country. This practice is to prevent route operators in the same area from having the same key. How'd you like it if your competitor "serviced" your machine and cleaned out your hard earned cash each month?

Ok, here's the good news. If you happen to know the manufacturer of your machine AND know the "key code" that was stamped ON the key (not the lock), then you might be in luck. The following manufacturers sell individual keys without locks:

  • Carousel - no longer produced and now considered an antique. Shop ebay
  • Wizard Spiral Gumball Machines - click to buy
  • Northwestern

If you don't know the "key code" then you will be forced to drill out the lock (click for instructions on how to do this). Unfortunately, the number stamped on the lock face is not useful and will not help you determine which key code is required. We offer a comprehensive selection of gumball and candy machine lock and key sets, click the link to shop.


Comments on this post (46)

  • Jun 10, 2024

    I need a replacement flat key YP 113. Help!

    — Lisa

  • Jan 22, 2024

    have a machine no key1633792

    — MAR SIM

  • Jan 16, 2023

    I have an old play and score machine I need a key for

    — Andy crough

  • Jul 12, 2022

    Need replacement key or lock and key set for 60’s-70’s Ford gimbal machine

    — Brian

  • May 02, 2022

    Seeking bottom key for Advance Gum Ball Machine Model D . 1923

    — Robert

  • Jan 03, 2022

    I need a replacement key for a 1923 1-cent gum ball machine manufactured by M. Brodie, Long Beach, CA. The key unlocks the coin box as well at the top of the machine where gum balls are added. Any thoughts?
    Thanks! Skip

    — Skip McDowell

  • Dec 20, 2021

    Hi have 5 Wiz Kid spiral machines that don’t have keys the barrel lock has 75012 on it. is it possible to just get keys from you?

    — Scott Tyler

  • Oct 04, 2021

    I have 2 tubular keys that have CPP on one side and 663 on the other side. Any idea what these might go to?

    — Charles Barfield

  • Jun 22, 2021

    I received an Astro gum machine as a gift and need a key. Can you assist me with getting a key? Thanks.

    — Lou

  • May 03, 2021

    i need a barrel key NWC5

    — archie domaschk

  • Apr 19, 2021

    We have a key stamped 0025. It’s for a candy vending machine with 8 different compartments for candy. 4 on top and 4 on the bottom.
    The key is small rounded top and teeth on both sides. Right now I don’t know the name of the machine (Do I need that?) How do I get another key?
    Thank you, Susie

    — Susan

  • Apr 19, 2021

    I have a northwestern 33 peanut machine, but no key for the bottom to retreive the pennies. The lock has PCA stamped on it. Any ideas as to where I can get a key?

    — Mike

  • Nov 16, 2020

    I need a key for gum ball machine

    — Jim goodwin

  • Oct 22, 2020

    We lost the key to our 25-year-old Northwestern gumball machine when our house flooded. We’d love to find a key so we don’t have to drill out the lock but I have no idea what the key # was. Any help or ideas would be appreciated!

    — Laura

  • Oct 22, 2020

    I have had a gumball machine for over 20 years that we picked up in an abandoned storage locker. It still has some candy and change in it. Unfortunately, I have no key for it and do not know who manufactured it.

    I have taken some pictures of it, including the key slot, hoping a knowledgeable person can identify the maker and help me find a replacement key.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


    — Dan Skomsky

  • Oct 20, 2020

    looking for the bottom key to open an advanced 1 cent gumball machine circa 1930’s. or a sketch with the measurements could also work as i have a place that can machine 1 out..thanks!

    — Kris Oswald

  • Oct 21, 2020

    I need a new key for my gum ball machine code B152f eagle key 2 sided

    — Charles malone

  • Oct 20, 2020



  • Oct 20, 2020

    Can you provide wizard replacement keys based upon the machine serial number?

    — Terry Cook

  • Sep 21, 2020

    Hi Todd,

    We have this lock in stock. Please visit:

    — Spencer

  • Sep 21, 2020

    Would you have a replacement key for a 1950’s Ring Ding Space Ship 1C Cent Gum Ball Machine made by the L.M.Becker Co.? The key number is said to be 1216713.

    — Kyle Brown

  • Sep 21, 2020
    Looking for a barrel key with the number T – 003

    — Todd

  • Sep 21, 2020

    I have a gumball wizard machine, with no key.

    — Michelle Dalton

  • Sep 21, 2020

    How does the lock and hot work on a 4 ft wizkid gumball machine


  • Sep 21, 2020

    I have a Carosel gumball machine SN 1157 It’s locked and I don’t have the key
    Can I get a replacement or do I need to drill it out and replace it

    — Paul

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