• Top Halloween costume is Gumball Machine
  • Amanda Moore
Top Halloween costume is Gumball Machine

Friday, October 31, 2008 Photo by Bob Donaldson/Post-Gazette

Okay, we admit that we are crazy about any and all things that relate to bubble gumballs. This year, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper in Pittsburgh, PA  held a Halloween costume contest where they asked readers to create a costume made up of old newspaper and miscellaneous household items.

One of the winners in this years contest was 10 year old, David Luxbacher, who dressed up as a gumball machine. “The topper is made from a broken Halloween decoration, the head is made from newspaper (papier-mache), wire hangers and painted with grandma’s discarded bingo daubers. We used an old aluminum cookie tray for the neck and a plastic laundry basket covered in felt for the body,” says his mom, Sandy.

Total cost to make this creative eye catching costume?  A big $5. How about that price point in these tough economic times? “The gumball dispenser was from a broken gumball machine. It actually dispenses gumballs,” she said.

What a fun costume! We think this is great low cost idea for a Halloween costume.

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