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Vending Machines on College Campuses

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When most people think of eating on college campuses, they picture unappetizing cafeteria food. Although cafeteria food has greatly improved, this is not always an option for a hurried college student. Students may not have time between classes to stop by a cafeteria, and hunger can interfere with concentration and schoolwork. This is where vending machines can help.

Vending machines are both helpful and profitable. By placing a snack or soda machine in an ideal location, such as a college campus, you can help college students curb their hunger as well as make a profit from your sales.

The Benefits of University Vending Machines

Sometimes, hungry college students do not have the time to navigate their way through the cafeteria for a quick snack. Therefore, snack machines are ideal for universities. On-the-go students simply have to dig up their pocket change in return for an easy, tasty snack. Other benefits of university vending machines include:

  • Helping students get their “caffeine fix” to perk up for class
  • Providing college kids with bottled water to prevent dehydration
  • Offering students both sweet and salty treats for a midday pick-me-up

Additionally, specialty devices like laundry vending machines can help college students with laundry, which is often a big step for new students. Others, such as medical aid vending machines, offer bandages and alcohol wipes to prevent infections and the spread of germs.

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College campuses provide an ideal situation for vending machine placement. You can try traditional machines like snack and drink dispensers, but specialty vending machines are also popular. If you have any more questions, please call the gumball vending experts at 1-800-260-0010 today.

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  • Sep 21, 2020

    How would one go about getting a contract with a local college? The one I had attended has at least over 20+ machines on campus. The main area where the lunch room is has I believe 6 or so behind the kitchen for use to the students such as a coffee, snack and soda machines.

    I know they make money off of them to a degree however, wouldn’t it seem like a better option to have someone else like myself come along and talk to them and be like “Hey I can supply you with all of this at no charge”?

    — Dustin

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