Government and School Purchase Orders

1. Gumball.com accepts Purchase Orders (PO's) from businesses, government agencies, hospitals, schools, colleges, and universities.

2. Credit Reference Requirements:

Businesses: Please complete and fax the following Credit Application OR if you have your own credit reference document, you may submit it.

Government agencies, hospitals, schools, colleges, and universities: No credit application required.

3. All item(s) ordered with a PO must be delivered to the institution's place of business. Gumball.com will not ship to a P.O. Box or a residential address.

4. No minimum purchase amount for a Purchase Order.

Please fax Purchase Orders to 1-214-550-5070

Important: Please include your contact information: name, phone and email address with the Purchase Order.

Questions? Call 1-800-260-0010 or Contact Us for more information.