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AMS Vending Machines Coils: A Complete List of Part #s

When it comes to customizing your AMS vending machine to meet your specific needs, choosing the right coil size is essential. Coils play a crucial role in the functioning of professional vending machines, enabling them to efficiently and reliably dispense a wide range of products, from snacks to beverages.

Find the correct coil size for your AMS vending machine from the table below:

Part # Opening Description
20119-05 4.04 Helix, Small Clockwise, Painted (5-Pitch)
20119-07 2.90 Helix, Small Clockwise, Painted (7-Pitch)
20119-09 2.25 Helix, Small Clockwise, Painted (9-Pitch)
20119-10 2.02 Helix, Small Clockwise, Painted (10-Pitch)
20119-12 1.66 Helix, Small Clockwise, Painted (12-Pitch)
20119-15 1.30 Helix, Small Clockwise, Painted (15-Pitch)
20119-18 1.05 Helix, Small Clockwise, Painted (18-Pitch)
20119-24 0.75 Helix, Small Clockwise, Painted (24-Pitch)
20120-05 4.04 Helix, Small Counter-Clockwise, Painted (5-Pitch)
20120-07 2.90 Helix, Small Counter-Clockwise, Painted (7-Pitch)
20120-08 2.51 Helix, Small Counter-Clockwise, Painted (8-Pitch)
20120-09 2.25 Helix, Small Counter-Clockwise, Painted (9-Pitch)
20120-10 2.02 Helix, Small Counter-Clockwise, Painted (10-Pitch)
20120-12 1.66 Helix, Small Counter-Clockwise, Painted (12-Pitch)
20120-15 1.30 Helix, Small Counter-Clockwise, Painted (15-Pitch)
20120-18 1.05 Helix, Small Counter-Clockwise, Painted (18-Pitch)
20120-24 0.75 Helix, Small Counter-Clockwise, Painted (24-Pitch)
20120-32 0.53 Helix, Small Counter-Clockwise, Painted (32-Pitch)
21207-15 0.96 Helix, 1.5" Tray, Counter-Clockwise, Black (15 pitch)
21207-25 0.53 Helix, 1.5" Tray, Counter-Clockwise, Black (25 pitch)
21336-06 3.34 Helix, 3" CCW, Painted, 3.5" Opening (Bottle)
21337-06 3.04 Helix, 3" CCW, Painted, 3.2" Opening (Can)
21465-04 4.10 Helix, 3.75" Counter-Clockwise, Painted (4-Pitch)
21465-05 3.45 Helix, 3.75" Counter-Clockwise, Painted (5-Pitch)
21465-07 2.58 Helix, 3.75" Counter-Clockwise, Painted (7-Pitch)
21465-09 2.05 Helix, 3.75" Counter-Clockwise, Painted (9-Pitch)
21465-10 2.01 Helix, 3.75" Counter-Clockwise, Painted (10-Pitch)
21465-12 1.55 Helix, 3.75" Counter-Clockwise, Painted (12-Pitch)
21465-15 1.24 Helix, 3.75" Counter-Clockwise, Painted (15-Pitch)
23268-10 1.87 Helix, 1.5" Tray, Counter-Clockwise, Painted (10 pitch)
23268-20 0.96 Helix, 1.5" Tray, Counter-Clockwise, Painted (20 pitch)
23268-32 0.53 Helix, 1.5" Tray, Counter-Clockwise, Painted (32 pitch)

*Opening is listed in inches

Understanding the Role of Coils in Vending Machines

A coil in a professional vending machine is a spiral-shaped piece of either stainless steel or aluminum that securely holds and dispenses products. These coils come in various standard sizes, and selecting the appropriate size is crucial for optimizing the machine's performance and capacity.

How Coils Work in Vending Machines

When a customer selects a product through the vending machine's keypad, the controller sends a signal to the coil motor. The coil motor is responsible for rotating the coil, thereby pushing the desired product forward until it gently falls into a collection tray. This straightforward yet effective mechanism ensures a seamless and reliable dispensing process.

What is Pitch of a Coil?

The pitch is an important factor to consider when selecting a coil for a vending machine because it determines the size of the products that can be accommodated and how tightly they are held in place.

The pitch of a coil determines the amount of force that is required to dispense a product. A coil with a higher pitch will require more force to dispense a product, but it will also be able to hold more products. A coil with a smaller pitch will have tighter spacing between each rotation, allowing it to hold smaller products securely. On the other hand, a coil with a larger pitch will have wider spacing, making it suitable for dispensing larger items.

Product Capacity of a Coil

The product hold count of a coil is calculated by multiplying the pitch of the coil by the diameter of the coil. For example, a coil with a pitch of 5 turns per inch (TPI) and a diameter of 2 inches would have a product hold count of 10. This means that the coil could hold 10 products before it would need to be refilled.

Materials Used in Coils for Vending Machines

Coils are typically constructed from robust materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum, ensuring their durability and ability to withstand extensive wear and tear. To enhance the performance and functionality of the coils, they are coated with a layer of plastic or rubber. This coating prevents products from sticking to the coil and ensures smooth product dispensation, minimizing the chances of jamming or malfunctioning.