• Do It Yourself Gumball Party Favors
  • Spencer Williams
Do It Yourself Gumball Party Favors

Are you looking for a really fun party favor that you can create yourself?  Look no further… how about making gumball party favors for your wedding, birthday party or special event?

Required Materials

  1. Gumballs (10-12 per bag). Gumball.com offers 12 different gumballs by color as well as many other gourmet gumballs. You can purchase colors specific to your wedding or party theme!  Gumballs are sold in bulk and each case weighs 16 lbs and contains 850 pieces.
  2. Clear flat bottom 4 oz. candy bags which can be purchased online at Pritchard.com.
  3. Blank labels made of thick card stock that are cut to fit the width of the candy bag
  4. Transparent tape


  1. You can have your labels custom designed and printed OR you can make them yourself using a graphic design software like PhotoShop and a color printer.
  2. Fill each bag with 10-12 gumballs.  Ensure you order enough gumballs and bags to
  3. When your labels have been printed, simply affix the labels to the gumball gift bags with the transparent tape.
  4. Offer these fun give aways to your guests and make them smile.
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