BX1040 Bill-to-Bill Standard Change Machine

$ 8,565.00

BX1040 Bill-to-Bill Standard Change Machine

Price: $ 8,565.00

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  • BX1040 Bill-to-Bill Standard Change Machine -BX1040 BX Series Bill-to-Bill Exchangers were designed to help self-service business owners maximize profits, and provide more convenience for their customers. If you feel that your attendants or cashiers are spending too much of their time making change for higher denomination bills, or you suspect lost revenues because customers wont change higher denominations bills for quarter change only then the Bill Exchangers may be the answer to your concerns.

    The BX1040 Bill Exchangers feature the Dual Note Fujitsu bill dispensers with two additional cassettes. That gives the BX1040 a total capacity of up to 2,000 (NEW - ATM Quality) bills.

    These Bill Exchangers essentially provide the same convenience as attended businesses change for higher denomination bills (like $10's & $20's) into lower denomination bills (like $5's and $1's). A popular application would be to use two cassettes for $1 bill dispense and one cassette for $5 bill dispense.

    Bill Exchangers make accurate change and don't require time off an Automated Attendant! The BX Series machines feature heavy-duty cabinet construction with high security crank locks to help protect your investment.

    • Front load configuration for bill-to-bill dispense
    • MEI bill acceptor with 500 bill stacker - accepts $1 through $20 bills
    • Fujitsu dual note bill dispenser with 2 additional cassettes (1,500-1,000 bill capacity)
    • Dimensions: 28" H x 19" W x 18" D
    • Stacker Capacity: 500 bill capacity
    • Dispenser Capacity: 1,500-1,000 bill capacity
    • Color: Black and green
    • Weight: 150 lbs
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    Availability: Usually ships within 7-10 business days.

    Machine Condition: Gumball.com is an authorized distributor for Standard Change-Makers and does not sell used or refurbished equipment. This is a brand new change machine with full manufacturers warranty.

    Canadian Change Machine Orders: Please call 1-800-260-0010 to have a Canadian bill acceptor installed and to arrange shipping to locations across Canada.