Mega Triple Play Spiral Gumball Machine

Price: $ 4,175.99Sale: $ 3,198.95

Mega Triple Play Spiral Gumball Machine

Price: $ 4,175.99Sale: $ 3,198.95

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  • Mega Triple Play Spiral Gumball Machine - Standing tall at 6' 9" the NEW Mega Triple Play is ready to vend 3 different items at once and is available in any of our beautiful colors.

    It's completely manufactured and ready to vend 1 - 2" capsules, 45 / 49mm bouncy balls and 2 - 1" round capsules or 1" gumballs.

    The 35" globe has clear acrylic dividers to separate the different products and ensures the ease of loading and servicing the unit, while the 3 in 1 clear spiral tracks have a specially designed track for each product. The product exits the Mega Triple Play base in the newly designed "scoops" eliminating the standard chute/chute door system. All coins fall through to the extra secure double door/double lock area within the base into the large plastic coin box with capacity to hold over $1,000 in coins. If you have a high traffic location, you'll want the Mega Triple Play machine that grabs everyone's attention... Get ready to sell tons of product!


    • Height: 81" or 6' 9"
    • Base Diameter: 41"
    • Globe Size: 35" polycarbonate
    • Compartments: 2 one-inch product compartments & 1 two-inch product compartment
    • Capacity: 6,800 pieces per one-inch compartment & 2,400 pieces in the two-inch compartment = 9,800 pieces total. NOTE: we do not recommend loading to top.
    • Change capacity: Over $1,000 in quarters stored in 13"x8"x4" plastic coin box
    • Extra secure double door/double lock area within the base
    • Coins: 1" vends are 25 cents. The 2" vend includes the option of 50 cent, 75 cents or 1 dollar coin mech. Change from the standard coin mechanism settings possible for a nominal up-charge. Free vend, tokens and accept non-US currency also available. Call for special orders.
    • Weight: 165 lbs. (empty)
    • Made in USA


    • Custom Logo - Want to personalize your machine? We can print (4 color process) and install , words, logo's or graphics on the spiral track. Simply supply the artwork. Call for details.
    • Custom Colors - We can build your Mega Triple Play in a custom color or pattern for an extra fee. Longer lead time required. Call for details.

    Warranty: One-year warranty on all moving parts and 90-day warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Delivered Fully Assembled: No electricity required. Simply remove the spiral gumball machine from the box, fill it up with the three products of your choice and it's ready to make money!

    Availability: Made to order. Usually ships within 3-4 weeks.