Instructions for Carousel Gumball Machine

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Instructions for Carousel Gumball Machine

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  • Instructions the Carousel gumball machine are offered FREE of charge in a downloadable PDF form OR in our instructional video series.

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    Do you need instructions for your Carousel Gumball Machine? Are you asking questions like: How do I fill my gum ball machine with gumballs or candy? How do I replace the globe? How can I make my gumball machine to vend one gum ball at a time? How do I change the amount of product to be dispensed? How do I clean my Carousel gum ball machine? How do I assemble my machine? How do I remove the coin mechanism? How to attach the chute door? What are the steps required to make my Carousel gumball machine to "free spin" or vend without coins? How do I change carousel gumball machine settings? Our handy Carousel gumball machine user manual will answer all the questions you have. Download it free now.

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