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Beaver New Generation Coin Mechanism

Sale: $ 46.95

New Generation Beaver Coin Mechanism
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New Generation Beaver Coin Mechanism
Rear view of Beaver NG coin mechanism with 9 pin gear

Beaver New Generation Coin Mechanism

Price: $ 46.95

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New Generation Coin Mechanism for Round Beaver - Beaver maintains an industry leading reputation for developing, producing, and advancing the most accurate, mechanical, rotary coin mechanisms in the world. The New Generation Coin Mechanism has few servicing requirements and is backed by the Beaver Limited Lifetime Guarantee. The Beaver New Generation coin mechanism can be customized to accept over 100 currencies and can measure the coins for diameter, thickness, and metallic content. It also has the option of accepting multiple coins and is offered as a single coin, two-coin, three-coin, or four-coin option. The coin mechanism has the ability, without jamming, to divert slugs and filter through currency not meant to be accepted. The New Generation coin mechanism has an optional clutch handle that prevents vandals from breaking the handle by turning it backward or forcing it with a wrench. It's triple chrome plated, all metal construction, instills a durability and quality.

How to choose gear type? - The 9 pin gear is used in a wide range of bulk vending machines designed to vend 1" gumballs, 27mm bouncy balls, and candy. These machines include: Round Beaver, Square Beaver, Ball Globe Beaver and the Roadrunner and Wizard spiral gumball machine. The 12 pin gear wheel is used in vending machines that vend 2" toy capsules, 45 mm and 49 mm bouncy balls. These machines include Northern Beaver vending machine and other toy capsule vending machines.

*As of 2016, only offers the Beaver New Generation Coin Mechanisms with 9-tooth gear wheels and set for 25-cents.


  • Currency: accepts quarters
  • Coin: accepts $0.25
  • Measures: measures diameter and thickness of coins to eliminate dispensing product for slugs
  • Slugs: diverts slugs and filters currency without jamming
  • Clutch Handle: comes equipped with a clutch handle that prevents vandals from breaking the handle or the internal components of the machines
  • Finish: triple chrome plated, all metal construction
  • Dimensions: 3.5" Length x 2.5" Width x 3.25" Height

    Availability: Usually ships within 1-2 business days.

    NO REFUNDS on replacements parts. Please ensure this part is the exact same as the one needed before making your purchase.

    Beaver is a registered Trademark of Beaver Machine Corporation, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada