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Northern Beaver Vending Machine with Stand

Sale: $ 711.97

Northern Beaver with Stand
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Northern Beaver with Stand
Color options for Northern Beaver & Flat Pack vending machines
Beaver Cast Iron Retro Stand ES200

Northern Beaver Vending Machine with Stand

Price: $ 711.97

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Northern Beaver Vending Machine with Stand - The impressive Northern Beaver vending machine is a solid vending partner. Available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and pricing options, and with more dispensing options than any other machine we carry, the Northern Beaver is a high-capacity, low maintenance vendor perfect for any location. From small capsules to large, from candy to gumballs, even golf balls, the Northern Beaver can dispense them all!

Included on the Northern Beaver is the New Generation coin mechanism which can be customized to accept most foreign currencies and can measure coins for diameter, thickness and metallic content. This intelligent coin mechanism has the ability to divert slugs without jamming, and filter coins not meant to be accepted. The New Generation also features an optional clutch handle that prevents damage to the handle by forcing it with a wrench or turning it backward.


  • Shatterproof polycarbonate clear panels
  • All metal Beaver new generation coin mechanism can be set for 1-4 quarters or 0.984" tokens
  • Triple chrome plated lid, door, and coin mechanism
  • Powder coat base, top ring, hopper, chute frame, and corner posts
  • All-metal side panels are powder coated in your choice of 8 great colors
  • Dual locking system allows for access to merchandise while restricting access to the cash box
  • Lower tubular and upper flat lock and key are geographically assigned for your security
  • Interior product display clips
  • Separate cash box accessed from the front of the machine
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty and 30-day money back guarantee


  • Height: 20", 26" and 30" (stand adds 29")
  • Machine Width: 11"
  • Stand Width: 20" x 16"
  • Change capacity: Up to $500 in quarters
  • Weight (Stand included): 73 lbs (20"), 74 lbs (26"), 77 lbs (30")

Safety Features:

  • Dispensing wheels are locked out and do not turn when chute door is open (to ensure children's hands do not get caught)
  • Non-toxic lubricant on moving parts
  • All sharp edges and burrs removed

Dispensing Options:

  • One-inch capsules: Small toy capsules up to 1.125" in size. Machine's one-inch capsule capacity: 700 pcs (20" tall), 1180 pcs (26" tall), 1550 pcs (30" tall)
  • Two-inch capsules: Large toy capsules 2" in size. Machine's two-inch capsule capacity: 120 pcs (20" tall), 180 pcs (26" tall), 225 pcs (30" tall)
  • Gumballs: Large gumballs one-inch in size. This dispenser can also vend one-inch jawbreakers and one-inch bouncy balls. Machine's one-inch gumball capacity: 1100 pcs (20" tall), 1825 pcs (26" tall), 2350 pcs (30" tall)
  • Golf Balls: Standard size golf balls and capsules 1.75" in size. Machine's golf ball/1.75" capsule capacity: 180 pcs (20" tall), 280 pcs (26" tall), 360 pcs (30" tall)
  • Candy-standard and large quantity (available for an additional fee). Choose from two adjustable candy dispensing wheels. "Standard" dispenses a small handful of candy per coin and "Large Quantity" is an extra large wheel that can dispense a large quantity of product per vend. The candy dispensers can also vend small product such as small gumballs, mints, nuts and even animal feed. Machine's candy capacity: 31 lbs (20" tall), 50 lbs (26" tall), 62 lbs (30" tall)
  • Three-inch Capsules (available for an additional fee). Extra large toy capsules up to 2.9" in size. Machine three-inch capsule capacity: 40 pcs (20" tall), 60 pcs (26" tall), 80 pcs (30" tall)

Availability: Built to Order; Usually ships in 7-10 business days.

*Beaver is a registered Trademark of Beaver Machine Corporation, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Customer Reviews

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Eliza Lamb
Great machine

We have these machines around our community. They are reliable, sharp looking, and work well.