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Get Your Hands on the Newest Collection of Coast-to-Coast Crane Machines at

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Crane/Claw Machine |

IRVINE, California, March 15, 2024 —, a trusted name in amusement experiences, is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new line of crane machines from Coast to Coast Entertainment. These machines bring back the nostalgic fun of winning prizes with a fresh twist, designed to entertain players of all generations.

“We're excited to offer a new take on the classic crane machine,” said Spencer Williams, the President at “This collection captures the simple joy of the claw game, while introducing fun themes, irresistible prizes, and a guaranteed good time.”

The new assortment offers a winning combination of classic fun and modern appeal:

  • Skillful Claw Control: Master the art of the grab with responsive controls and a dependable claw.
  • Easy-to-Play Mechanics: Simple controls and clear instructions make the game accessible for everyone.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance and enjoyment.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simplified design ensures smooth operation and effortless maintenance for operators.

The new machines included in the line-up are:

King Claw 31" Crane Machine
King Claw 31" Crane Machine |

Rule the arcade with the King Claw! This nautical crane dispenses plush toys (5"-11") in both traditional and 'play to win' modes. Durable build and dazzling lights make it a family fun must-have.

Ticket Trail 36" Crane Machine
Ticket Trail 36" Crane Machine |

This hybrid machine combines classic claw action with an interactive video board game. Master the claw and navigate the board to win tickets, with a chance to snag a massive 1,000-ticket bonus! Dazzling lights and electrifying gameplay make it a must-have.

Duck Catcher Crane Machine
Duck Catcher Crane Machine |

The Ducky Catcher crane machine explodes with dazzling lights, playful sounds, and a wacky candy scoop claw - perfect for scooping up ducks, zoo friends, sea creatures, and squishy surprises! Guaranteed to quack-tivate customers of all ages.

Baby Bear 2-Player Crane Machine
Baby Bear 2-Player Crane Machine |

Double the fun with the Baby Bear crane machine! This two-player crane machine allows 2 people to simultaneously compete for enticing prizes. Perfect for arcades, family entertainment centers, and more!

Prize Cube 6-Player Crane Machine
Prize Cube 6-Player Crane Machine |

This machine is poised to become the star attraction of your arcade. This multiplayer crane machine lets up to six players vie for adorable plush toys, turning claw games into an exciting multiplayer experience. Filled with laughter and cheers, the 6-Player Prize Cube Crane Machine is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

“These new machines are perfect for adding a touch of nostalgic fun to any amusement center, arcade, or even your own home,” continued Williams “It’s a reminder of the simple joy of the claw game, where skill meets chance for a truly rewarding experience.”

For questions on these or any of our premium claw/crane machines please contact us by email at or call 800-260-0010.

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