• Oak Leaf Acquires Rights To Nerds Gumballs From Nestlé
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Oak Leaf Acquires Rights To Nerds Gumballs From Nestlé

Henry Schlesinger
March 26,2008

TORONTO — Oak Leaf Confections, a leading supplier of ball gum and other confectionary vendibles, has announced the reintroduction of Nerds Gumballs to its product line. A longtime favorite in the bulk vending industry, Oak Leaf acquired the rights to manufacture the brand after Nestlé’s Willy Wonka Candy Factory division decided to discontinue it.

The product, a 700-ct. gumball filled with the popular Nerds candy, will be marketed as "Oak Leaf Gumballs made with Real Wonka Nerds." As with the original product, outer shell flavors include lemon, orange, cherry, lime and grape.

“Nestlé discontinued it back in the summer, and there was such a cry from the bulk vending trade that they actually went back and produced more, then discontinued the product forever,” said Oak Leaf’s marketing manager, Howard Granner. “So now we have an agreement with Nestlé that we will make the product and have the sole rights to sell it in the U.S. and Canada, strictly for the vending trade.”

According to Granner, Nestlé will continue selling Nerds in the traditional format.

“The product was available and then wasn’t available, which was frustrating for the operator,” Granner said. “But now it will be available, guaranteed, on an everyday basis.”

For more information, contact Oak Leaf at (800) 338-3631.

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