Push Pop Original Assortment

$ 594.97

Push Pop Original Assortment

Price: $ 594.97

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  • Push Pop Original Assortment - Your favorite 80's candy in Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Berry Blast and Watermelon. The lollipop takes the form of a long cylinder that retracts into a capped plastic tube, and must be ?ª?­ª??pushed?ª?­ª? out for consumption. Go ahead, give it a push and enjoy!


    • Flavors: assorted fruit (blue raspberry, strawberry, berry blast and watermelon)
    • Colors: assorted
    • Quantity: 576 per case
    • Manufacturer: Topps Company
    • Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, buffered lactic acid, titanium dioxide, artificial flavors and colors
    • Allergens: main contain soy
    • NOT Kosher certified

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