Pink Lemonade Gumballs (1"/850 count)

$ 36.95

Pink Lemonade Gumballs (1"/850 count)

Price: $ 36.95

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  • Pink Lemonade Gumballs - Try these attention grabbing hot pink gumballs in your gumball machine today! These pink lemonade gum balls are brightly colored just like the lemonade you drank as a kid.

    IMPORTANT: These gumballs have a "Dubble Bubble" logo printed on the gumball.

    • Flavor: Pink lemonade
    • Color: Hot Day-Glo pink
    • Size: 1 inch gum balls
    • Quantity: 850 count
    • Weight: 17 pounds
    • Manufacturer: Concord Confections / Tootsie Roll
    • Made in Canada

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    Orthodox Union Kosher SymbolCertified Kosher by the Orthodox Union

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    Pink Lemonade delight

    What a delight! Refreshing and mouth watering. Just like a refreshing glass of ice cold lemonade. So satisfied with my purchase