Classic 4 Head Candy Gumball Machine

$ 319.99

Classic 4 Head Candy Gumball Machine

Price: $ 319.99

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  • Classic 4 Head Candy Gumball Machine - This professional quality gum ball and candy vending machine is a reliable profit generator. Each machine includes a sturdy cash box for easy collections and is mounted to a durable all steel rack. Our Classic 4 head vending machine rack can dispense most bulk candy, 1 inch gumballs, 1 inch round capsules and 27 mm bouncy balls.

    Four Head Vending Machine Rack Features:

    • 25-cent drop-through coin mechanisms
    • Sturdy cash boxes in each head for easy coin removal
    • Heavy duty barrel locks for added security
    • Shatter-proof polycarbonate globes
    • Heavy duty all steel rack
    • Choose setup per vending machine head: candy wheel OR 1 inch gumball / capsule wheel
    • Optional chrome or gold colored lids and bases
    • One-year manufacturer's warranty and 30-day money back guarantee

    Height: 48"
    Width: 16"
    Depth: 18"
    Candy capacity (per head): 12 lbs.
    Gumball capacity (per head): 375 one-inch gumballs
    Coin capacity (per head): $150 in quarters
    Coins: 1 quarter

    Colors: red or black
    Convenience: cash drawers

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