6 Cent Toys and Candy Crane Mix

$ 273.95

6 Cent Toys and Candy Crane Mix

Price: $ 273.95

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  • 6 Cent Toys and Candy Crane Mix This candy crane and toy mix consists of about 4,520 pieces of candy and toys, including brand name candies. This is a good mix to mix in with higher price mixes to reduce your costs.

    Mix contains approximately 4,520 pieces, weighs about 53 lbs and has the following candies including:

    • Vampire Teeth
    • Mini Magnifying glass
    • Hoppy Frogs
    • College Logo Basketballs
    • Mini Airplanes
    • Mini Spaceships
    • Jujyfruits
    • Fun Toon Candy Sticks
    • Wonka Nerds
    • Super Hero Taffy
    • ICEE Fizzing Ice Drops
    • Dum Dums
    • Popping Candy
    • Fruit Chews Candies
    • Candy Necklaces
    • Cherry Chews
    • Vanilla Ice Cream Chews
    • Chocolate Ice Cream Chews
    • Smarties-Sweet Tarts Packets
    • Fruit Top Chews
    • Atomic FireBall
    • Crack Ups Popping Candy
    • Scooby Doo Candy
    • Two-Flavor Lollipops

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