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Bulk Gumball, Vending, and Candy Machine Information

Why Go Into Vending?

Machine vending is a great way to provide your customers with various foods, products, or services at any time. They are capable of generating significant revenue with very little extra labor. Our high quality machines require minimal servicing and have long life spans. We offer a variety of machines in different shapes and sizes that can fit in many different spaces. Vending machines offer the ability to passively gain profit while simultaneously pleasing your customers. Browse through our expansive selection to see which machines work best for you!

What Are the Various Types of Vending Machines?

If you’re looking for a machine to fulfill a specific purpose, or you just want to offer your customers some candy or snacks, be sure to check out We offer a diverse selection of machines with a wide variety of functions. Our expansive collections of gumball and candy machines are sure to provide the perfect fit for any venue they are placed in.

Multiple machines can be placed on racks to give your customers more choices, or you can use single head machines for a more classic look. Be sure to check out our snack and soda vending machines that dispense food and drinks; served hot, cold, or frozen. Coffee vending machines are like having a personal barista to keep your customers caffeinated and happy.

Our capsule vending machines can dispense many different types of toys or novelty items. Sticker and tattoo machines are also a great way to provide the fun of a vending machine without the added sugar; while still generating revenue. To take the fun of vending to the next level, Crane Machines and Skill/Prize Machines are an amusing alternative. 

We also offer vending machines to meet the specific needs of certain businesses like Laundromats and drug stores. There are even machines that generate revenue without dispensing any products, like Height & Weight Scales, Impulse Games, novelty machines, and Coin Wishing Wells. Our bill changers ensure your customers will be able to have the change, tokens, or tickets necessary to vend in nearly any machine you offer.

And if you need a quick way to count all the money your machines will generate, we carry coin and bill counters.

Check out all the machines has to offer!

What is Bulk Vending?

We offer a wide range of options for bulk gumball and candy vending machines.  If you’re looking for a home use machine be sure to check out our Carousel products. These classic style machines are a fun and decorative way to dispense gum or candy. These make great gifts and can be used to dispense more than just gum.

We also have a wide variety of professional grade machines if you’re interested in a simple way to generate more revenue for your business or to or expand or start a vending route. We have one of the largest selections of gumball machines online. If you have multiple machines you would like to place on a stand or rack you’ve come to the right place. We offer single table top machines; vending racks with up to 16 machines, and everything in between.  

There is a large selection of color options to choose from as well. You can choose to have your machine stand out and grab attention, or blend in to match its environment. Some of our products even offer multiple color options for the same machine.

For an entertaining twist on the traditional gumball machine, check out our collection of spiral machines. Whether they’re lit up with rope lights or towering over customers --- like our 7’6” Mega Wizard--- they’re sure to catch the attention of any passerby. Pinball gumball machines are another great way to entertain and please by not only allowing the customer get to play pinball, but also rewarding them with a tasty treat when they’re finished.

To achieve a more retro look, our Replica Gas Pump Machines provide a historical quality to your machine. They also offer the option of a customized emblem on the sign, or a classic logo. These tall appliances are a great attention grabber for any location they’re placed in.

Nearly all these machines can be configured to accept tokens and non-U.S. currency. Most of them can also dispense more than just gumballs. Some are capable of vending candy, nuts, toys, and pet food.  Check out our parts section for machines needing repair or refurbishing.  

How Do I Start a Vending Route?

To begin a vending route you must first decide what you would like to vend, what kind of machines your product requires, how much it will cost, and most importantly, where to place your machines. When deciding what type of vending route you want to establish, it should be taken into consideration that different types of vending machines perform better in different locations. Try experimenting with different products and give out samples when you’re able to. This will give you an idea of which products your customers prefer and what products will have the highest demand. Be sure to investigate the necessary permits or licenses you may need in your state so you can legally operate your route.

When first filling up your machine, it is a good idea to only stock it half way to three quarters full. This way you can see how fast this product sells while conserving your inventory. If it doesn’t sell as well as other products, swap with another item to determine if it’s the product or the location that needs to be changed. It is also crucial to be aware of the placement of your machine. Be cautious of placing your machine in areas with direct sunlight, high humidity, or places susceptible to vandalism.

The amount of traffic your machine sees throughout the average week will determine how often you need to service it. Most vending route operators will visit their machines every one to three weeks to restock, adjust, clean, perform maintenance, and collect revenue. You will want to bring a small tool kit with cleaning supplies and a money bag to transport your income. It is also important to keep a written record of how much product is being dispersed in each machine, how much revenue is being generated, and any other notes that may be useful in enhancing efficiency to your route. Thorough documentation will ensure your maintaining profits and increasing efficiency.

If you are seeing success in your route and would like to reinvest in your business you may want to consider buying more machines. Expanding your route will take more time and effort but it will simultaneously generate more revenue. Be wary of over expanding too quickly. Factors like gas, product and time will need to be taken into consideration for every machine added.

How to Choose a Location for Your Vending Machine?

Always be on the lookout for locations that could be profitable. Safe areas with a good deal of foot traffic are the most preferable sites to place your machines. Locations commonly frequented by parents and children are proven sellers. Some companies offer to find locations for you for a fee. This can be helpful but it’s not essential. Many people prefer scouting out their own locations to avoid any further costs. Keeping an eye and ear out for location opportunities is an effective way to develop a unique and successful route. Creating a strong initial impression is vital, not only to creating an ally with the supervisor of your location, but also to network and build connections that could lead to more locations down the road.

Do I Need to Pay Commissions to the Location?

This all depends on the arrangement you agree upon with your location owner. Some location owners will allow you to use their location for free. Some will charge a commission fee that can be as high as 30 percent.

Some vending routes establish agreements with charitable organizations. By agreeing to pay a certain payment or percentage to the charity, some businesses will allow you to use their location for a smaller commission or for free. You may want to have to have a contract written up with the location owner to avoid any miscommunication.

How Much Money Will My Vending Machine Make?

The answer to this question depends on many different factors like; type of machine, product or service offered, traffic, but most importantly, location. The location of your machine will be the determining factor weather your machine will be profitable or not. You can’t create a profit if there are no customers using your machine so you want to make sure it is placed in a highly frequented location with plenty of foot traffic. Returns can also be maximized by keeping your machine in top condition and fully stocked. Every day your machine is empty or not functioning is a day you lose money so the more you manage your machines, the more profitable you will become.

How Often Do Vending Machines Get Vandalized?

If you place your machine in a prime location vandalism is rare because they are usually in a public place with plenty of other people around. However, vandalism does occasionally occur. The good news is it can be deterred. Leaving your information with the supervisor of your location is a helpful way to address and deter vandalism. Securing your machine to its location with bolts or chains is another method employed to minimize theft and vandalism.