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  • Canels Gum
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    Canel's Chewing Gum

    $ 134.95

    Price: $ 134.95

    Bulk Canel's Chewing Gum - Find the BEST deal on chicles Mexicanos. Sold in bulk, wholesale to the public. Made in Mexico since 1925. If you haven't had Canel's chicle before, you're in for a big treat. This mouthwatering product features five sweet flavors, our favorite happens to be violet (purple), and comes in attractive bright colors. The word is getting out on this chewy secret from south of the border.

    4 pieces of gum are wrapped into a single package and one full case contain 2,500 packages (10,000 pieces of gum). FREE SHIPPING! The shipped unit price is $0.056/pack. If you are vending this product for 25 cents, then profit margin is an amazing 78%.

    Founded in 1925, Canel's chicles is the top selling chewing gum in Mexico. It is the most recognized Mexican brand in the USA and their brand continues to expand and gain popularity. Does NOT contain milk, nuts, gluten or other allergens.

    • Flavors: spearmint, violet, cinnamon, peppermint, and tutti-frutti
    • Colors: green, purple, red, white and pink
    • Quantity: 2,500 packs per case
    • Weight: 28.6 lbs
    • Manufacturer: Canel's
    • Made in Mexico

    Availability: Usually ships within 1-business day.

    Freshness Guarantee

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  • Mike & Ike Candy
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    Mike & Ike Candy 27 LB

    $ 69.00

    Price: $ 69.00

    Mike and Ike Candy - Everyone remembers eating Mike and Ike candy when they were kids growing up. Mike and Ike candy, a long time favorite, are sold in bulk 30 lbs. and will vend from any standard candy machine with a candy wheel. Fill your candy vending machines with delicious Mike and Ike candy and make some money.
    • Flavor: assorted fruit
    • Colors: red, yellow, orange, green, etc
    • Size: about 3/8 inch (M&M size)
    • Quantity: about 225 pieces per pound
    • Weight: 6 X 4.5 lbs resealable pouches (30 lbs)
    • Manufacturer: Just Born
    • Made in USA

    Availability: Usually ships within 1-business day

    Freshness Guarantee: Our warehouse receives factory-fresh deliveries of candy each week. Given our high turnover rate, our products are warehoused for a short time before being shipped to you. Thus, you'll enjoy a long shelf-life of 18-24 months. We urge you to try our candies and taste the difference yourself!

    Orthodox Union Kosher SymbolCertified Kosher by the Orthodox Union

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  • Moustache Mix Series #2 2- Inch Capsules
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    Moustache Mix Series #2 2- Inch Capsules

    $ 39.95

    Price: $ 39.95

    Moustache Mix #2 in 2-inch Vending Capsules - These stick-on fuzzy moustaches come in 10 unique styles and kids of all ages will love them. Go undercover and pretend you are a famous rock singer, a raunchy gaucho, a sardonic movie critic, anything your mind can dream up. These fuzzy strips of hair will bring joy to young an old alike. Fun for both boys and girls and sure to be a hot seller in your toy capsule vending machine.

    • Size: 2-inch
    • Quantity: 250 acorn shaped capsules
    • Display: Two-sided display included FREE of charge

    Availability: Usually ships within 1-business day.

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