• Restaurant holds Presidential Poll with Gumballs
  • Spencer Williams
Restaurant holds Presidential Poll with Gumballs

A restaurant in Laredo, Texas is following the 2008 Presidential race in a unique way. Candela’s restaurant is asking their customers to participate in a unofficial Presidential “gumball poll”. Each customer is asked vote for who they think will win the election this November by placing a single gumball in the Jar of the the candidate they think will win.

The owners say the poll is not intended to be scientific, it’s just a fun way to see what their customers think about the candidates. “It’s just for fun. It’s an opinion of what they think about both candidates, so we decided to have [a gumball poll] and some people don’t want to participate, but it’s just for fun.” says Marta Garza.  At this point, McCain and Obama are tied and there are still a few people who remain undecided.

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