• Ever Wonder How Gumballs Are Made?
  • Spencer Williams
Ever Wonder How Gumballs Are Made?

A year round favorite for all ages is gumballs.  But around Halloween these can come with a shock in the center, so lets creep behind the scenes to what’s inside these special chews.

Nothing is as fun as blowing gum, but when it comes to Halloween. You can grab gumballs that look like eyeballs, orange pumpkins containing special seeds, count black-u-las filled with a blood like liquid. Around October gum can get a little gruesome.

Dubble Bubble has been making gum for over 50 years and Halloween has always been an important holiday. “Gumballs very popular at Halloween, it’s an affordable indulgence for kids and they are easy to pass out.” said, Leigh Nykoliantion, Gumball Guru at Dubble Bubble. 

Modern machinery means gumballs can be more elaborate, filled with secret flavors, or covered with printed pictures. So watch the video below to see how gum balls are made.

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