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Wedding Ideas with Candy and Gumballs

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Table Display and Décor

When deciding on how to decorate tables at your wedding there are a few things to consider. If other elements are bold, keep it simple. If you have neutral colors throughout you can add a splash of color with bright beautiful centerpieces. Here are a few ideas to get you brainstorming:


Vintage glass bowls filled with gumballs

Bowls of white gumballs in green or clear bowls are elegant and would be a beautiful wedding display with short white pillar candles placed on square mirrors. You can also lay flower petals on the tablecloths to add depth to the centerpiece. If you want to use dark colors, try using goblets, baskets, frosted vases, or planters with fruit shaped gumballs or other unusual candies.

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Tall vases or glassware filled with gumballs

Wrap a vase with a ribbon matching your wedding theme and attach a monogrammed sticker. This is a simple, modern idea but adds a beautiful touch and can easily be executed.

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Use gumballs in flower vases for a beautiful, elegant touch

Use single colored gumballs as filler for tall vases holding any shape bouquet. White gumballs would look beautiful with any flower, but if you want to try adding a splash of color to your centerpieces, choose candy with deep color  or use a 4:1 ratio with two colors. Use gumballs in flower elegant touch.

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For a beautiful centerpiece, make a handmade topiary

Tie in the colors of your wedding by placing handmade gumball topiaries at each table. With ribbon and a terra cotta pot the look is complete. Depending on the tone of your wedding, you can leave the pots a natural color or paint them white or ivory. This would also serve beautifully if made smaller and used as a place cards.

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Party Favors

With so many options for wedding party favors, here are a few tips to ensure your guests have “sweet dreams” at the end of the night. Always keep your color scheme in mind and know that you don’t have to break the bank to make your guests feel appreciated. Also keep in mind the size of your wedding- it can still be possible to make party favors at a large wedding feel personalized- just remember that you can’t make every item homemade.

Monogrammed gumballs

Customize any of our colored gumballs with the date of the wedding or your monogram. This personal sweet treat is a fun way for guests to enjoy the wedding and take something back with them. Put them in organza bags or frosted takeout boxes so your design shows through. Gift tags can include a simple note thanking them for coming and be left at tables early on with no worries about freshness the day of the wedding.

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Candy buffet

Candy buffets have been increasing and popularity and can easily be executed. Order bulk gumballs and candy and place in unusual or clear glass jars. At the table leave scoops and takeout boxes or party bags at the table. Candles, flowers, and a tablecloth complete the look. For a beautiful idea to match any theme, use glass bud vases and fill with a variety of candies but all in the same color. If you’re having an ocean or beach themed wedding, use beach ball and blueberry gumballs. If you’re into sports, use baseball gumballs and mix with green chicle. Presentation is key- use the glass bud vases with a place card in each and you instantly have an unusual and edible place card for each guest. Also have a table set up if you’re going to use the candy with place cards- this way the guests can fill up before they head out.

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Mini-gumball machines

Mini-gumball machines can be refilled and used over and over. This sweet gift is low cost and popular for kids and adults. They can also include a note attached to them and left at each table. This could also be used in lieu of a place card depending on how the tone of your wedding is set.

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Spiral wizard gumball machine

If you’re throwing the bash of the year or just want to wow your guests, place a gumball machine at the entrance to the wedding party. Order a special color to match your wedding and fill with monogrammed gumballs or the colors of your choice. It’s also another idea that is fun for both kids and adults. Use smaller machines if you want to set them up at a table or sports-themed machines if you and your spouse-to-be are both sports fanatics.

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