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Who makes gumballs?

We receive factory fresh shipments each week from the top 3 manufacturers in North America: Ford Gum, Tootsie Roll Industries, and Oak Leaf. The majority of our gum is certified Kosher (check the description on product’s page to be sure). We guarantee that our customers will be chewing the freshest product available.

Ford Gum - The oldest manufacturer, produces many of the home use machines commonly given as gifts. They have been operating for over a century and they are the only large scale gumball manufacturer operating in the US. Their products have woven their way into American culture through many popular brands like Big League Chew and the Carousel machines. They also offer assorted sugar free gum products. Carousel products, made in the USA, are certified Kosher by Orthodox Jewish Council. The shield K Kosher symbol for each product can be found on each individual product page.

Dubble Bubble - Owned by Tootsie Roll Industries, Dubble Bubble dates back to 1928 when Fleer Candy Company accountant, Walter Diemer, created the recipe by accident. It was immediately successful in candy shops and eventually made its way into the military rations during World War II. Dubble Bubble was eventually purchased by Concord Confections, which was later purchased by Tootsie Roll Industries. The famous “Crown and Oval” logo is recognized internationally because distribution of the gum is now expanded to 60 countries worldwide. You can still purchase the Original 1928 flavor or sample some of their newer products. Dubble Bubble products are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. You can find out more about the history of Dubble Bubble at the bottom of our page under Resources.

Oak Leaf - Sweetworks Confections of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada owns the Oak Leaf brand and they produce a wide array of colors and flavors of gum and candy. Being in the business for over 40 years has given them plenty of experience in creating many different kinds of gum. Their unique designs are sure to catch some attention in any machine they are put in. They have a large selection of gum and candies fitting for most holidays, seasons, and occasions. If you’re planning a party, they offer a wide spectrum of colors to match almost any theme. Oak Leaf products are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union so they’re s perfect treat to offer at Bar / Bat Mitzvahs.

Rain-Blo - originally introduced by Leaf Confectionery in 1940, the brand was acquired from Hershey Foods by Farley's & Sathers Candy and is now owned by Ferrara Candy Company in Round Lake, MN. Rain-Blo claims to have created the ball chewing gum with fruit flavoring on the inside that matched the color of the coating on the outside and featured a hollow center. Their gum is made in Canada and availble in two sizes: Jum-Blo is their "King Size" product and is 1" diameter and "Classic" is  5/8". The flavor options are limited to two: assorted fruit flavors and sour. The packaging is consumer oriented and includes: individually wrapped ball gum, various sizes of cello bags and plastic jars. To our knowlege, Rain-Blo is NOT sold in bulk to the vending industry.