Do I need a license for my vending machine?

Each city and state has different license laws. Check with the local City Hall where your vending machines are located. Some cities have fees for soda and snack machines and these fees are to be paid yearly.

1) Ask if you need an occupational license. How much?
2) Do you need to pay for any other license fees? How much per machine?

They will give you a small sticker to place on the window of each machine. Some cities have fees for soda and snack machines. These fees are to be paid yearly.

Business License: First thing, make sure to secure a business operator's license from your local licensing department. If you live in a state that enforces sales tax, you'll need a seller's permit. If you sell perishable items, you'll have to obtain a health or food permit from your county, city or state health department. The cost of a business license and other permits varies according to your location and can range from $10 to $250. Some states require that food vendors take and pass a food preparation and handling course before being granted a license.

For more information about obtaining a business license visit: BusinessLicenses.com