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    Rear Load Bill Changers

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  • BX1040RL Bill-to-Bill Standard Change Machine Product Image Front View BX1040RL Rear Load Changer
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Rear-loading bill changers offer a distinct set of features that make them highly efficient in handling currency and providing change to customers. These machines are designed to be mounted on a wall, with bills inserted through a slot located on the back.

  1. Operation: Rear-loading bill changers operate through a straightforward process. Users insert bills into the machine through a slot located on the back panel. The machine then processes the bills and dispenses the requested change through a chute on the front. This design optimizes the use of space and provides a secure and convenient way to handle transactions.

  2. Currency Dispensing: proficient in dispensing various denominations of coins to meet the needs of customers. Common coin denominations include $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, and $1. Some models can also dispense additional bill denominations, tokens or even tickets, further enhancing their versatility.

  3. Business Use Cases: Rear-loading bill changers find applications in a wide range of businesses where efficient change-making is essential. Here are a few typical use cases:

    • Parking Facilities: Rear-loading bill changers are commonly used in parking lots or garages to accept cash payments or credit cards and provide customers with change, tokens, or access to the exit. This ensures smooth transactions at parking payment stations and enhances customer satisfaction.

    • Laundromats: Rear-loading bill changers are a valuable addition to laundromats, enabling customers to exchange bills for coins to operate washing machines and dryers. This eliminates the need for customers to search for exact change or visit external change-making facilities.

    • Self-Service Kiosks: Rear-loading bill changers are frequently incorporated into self-service kiosks, such as those found in train stations or entertainment venues. These machines allow customers to conveniently exchange bills for bills, coins or tokens required to access services or participate in activities.

    • Retail Stores: Rear-loading bill changers can be utilized in retail environments to provide change to customers during cash transactions. This expedites the checkout process, reduces the need for additional coins at the cash register, and improves overall customer service.

    • Amusement Parks: Rear-loading bill changers are often installed in amusement parks to facilitate change-making for visitors purchasing tickets or tokens for rides, games, or other attractions. This enhances the guest experience and minimizes queues at ticket booths.

Rear-loading bill changers combine efficient operation, space optimization, and secure transactions. Their wall-mounted design and currency dispensing capabilities make them a valuable asset in various business settings. Whether in parking facilities, laundromats, self-service kiosks, retail stores, or amusement parks, rear-loading bill changers provide a reliable solution for handling currency exchange and ensuring seamless customer transactions. All of our rear-loading changers are proudly made in the USA!