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    1" Toy Capsules

  • Colorful display card for fun rings
  • Fun Time Vending Mix Fun Mix Vending Toys Detail
  • Purple display card for Glitter Rings
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  • Green display card for glow aliens
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  • Goo 1" Round Capsules front of display card Goo 1" Round Capsules product detail
  • Goofy Guys 1" Capsules
  • White display card for hanging pandas
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  • Icy Erasers 1" Capsules Product Image Icy Erasers 1" Capsules Product Detail
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  • black display card for Jurassic Dino Rings
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Discover a World of Fun with 1-Inch Toy Vending Capsules

Looking to bring joy and excitement to your customers? Look no further than, your one-stop shop for 1-inch toy vending capsules! These colorful capsules, designed for use in bulk vending machines, are packed with a variety of delightful surprises. From assorted toys to themed collections, our vast selection will keep your toy capsule vending machines stocked with endless entertainment options.

Unleash the imagination with our Assorted Toys 1" Round Capsules. These capsules contain a medley of surprises, ensuring every customer receives a unique and exciting toy. From bouncy balls to miniature figurines, the assortment is sure to captivate children and adults alike. With each turn of the vending machine's crank, a world of wonder awaits.

For a balloon-filled extravaganza, check out our Balloon Party Animals 1" Capsules. These vibrant capsules conceal a menagerie of balloon animals, ready to be inflated and brought to life. Whether it's a poodle, a giraffe, or a cheeky monkey, these balloon creatures will add a touch of whimsy to any occasion.

Bring a touch of personalization to pencils with our Bitty Buddy Pencil Toppers #2 in 1" Capsules. These adorable pencil toppers come in various designs, including cute animals and popular characters. Transforming an ordinary pencil into a delightful companion, these toppers make writing and drawing a joyous experience for young learners.

If your customers have an affinity for all things spooky, our Boney Buddies 1" Capsules are the perfect choice. Each capsule holds a small skeleton figurine, ready to haunt their playtime. These quirky collectibles are great for Halloween or any time of the year when a touch of eerie fun is desired.

Make erasing mistakes a tasty adventure with our Breakfast is Served Erasers 1" Capsules. These cleverly designed erasers resemble mouthwatering breakfast treats such as bacon, eggs, and pancakes. They combine functionality with playfulness, making homework and office tasks a little more enjoyable.

For a taste of the golden state, try our California Gold 1" Capsules. These capsules are filled with iconic symbols and souvenirs that represent the spirit of California. From miniature surfboards to Hollywood memorabilia, these treasures capture the essence of the West Coast and are perfect for tourists and locals alike.

Add a touch of charm to wrists with our Charmettes Bracelets 1" Capsules. These stylish accessories come in various designs, including colorful beads, symbols, and playful charms. Young fashionistas will love collecting and showcasing these trendy bracelets.

Let your customers embark on a wild adventure with our Crazy Critters 1" Capsules. Each capsule holds a unique critter figurine, ranging from cuddly creatures to ferocious predators. Children will love trading and playing with these miniature animal toys, expanding their knowledge of the animal kingdom.

For a touch of sparkle, our Dazzle Rings 1" Capsules are the perfect choice. These vibrant rings feature glittering gemstones and come in an array of colors and styles. They add a touch of glamour to dress-up play or make delightful party favors for birthdays and celebrations.

Bring the world of superheroes to your vending machines with our DC Comics Logo Tattoos 1" Capsules. These capsules contain temporary tattoos featuring popular superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Children can proudly display their favorite characters on their skin, igniting their imagination and superhero aspirations.

Celebrate the joy of Easter with our Easter Cross Candy Puzzle & Bracelets 1" Capsules. These capsules contain both a cross-shaped puzzle and a bracelet, providing a delightful combination of play and sweet treats. Ideal for Easter egg hunts or as thoughtful gifts, these capsules capture the spirit of the season.

At, we understand that variety is the spice of life. That's why we offer a diverse selection of toys and treats to cater to different preferences. From quirky novelties to classic favorites, we have something for everyone.

In addition to our extensive range of toy vending capsules, we provide the necessary accessories to ensure a seamless vending experience. Each order or case includes 1.1" diameter plastic capsules filled with the toys displayed in the product image. To assist with showcasing the products, a product display card is included free of charge.

Please note that our capsules come in two versions: acorn-shaped or round. While most of our capsules default to the acorn shape, any products available in round capsules will have "Round Capsules" listed in the product name. It is essential to order the correct style for your vending machine to ensure smooth operation. We also an amazing selection of 2-inch toy vending capsules.

At, we pride ourselves on offering quality products and excellent customer service. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free experience, making it easy for you to stock your vending machines with exciting toys that will keep your customers coming back for more.

So why wait? Explore our extensive selection of 1-inch toy vending capsules and discover a world of fun possibilities. With as your trusted partner, you can bring joy and excitement to your customers one delightful surprise at a time.