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IRVINE, California, March 25, 2024 —, a company that values innovation, new experiences, and of course, fun, has partnered up with SweetRobo!

SweetRobo, a leader in the field of robotic design & technology, is bringing the exciting future of robotics to the vending industry. They believe that robotic automation is the future, creating efficiency, precision, and lower operating costs for business owners.

SweetRobo offers fully-automated machines that create delicious treats on-demand with the push of a button. Their machines allow savvy entrepreneurs to add cutting-edge technology to their businesses and provide a fun and novel experience for their customers that they won't find anywhere else. They transform the simple act of getting a sweet treat into a delightful experience. Their machines feature robotic engineering, clever programming, and a unique and attractive design that will amaze people of all ages as they watch their favorite treats come to life.

By combining automation with innovative design, SweetRobo eliminates the barriers associated with traditional food preparation and provides a modern way to serve treats. Their machines can liven up the atmosphere of any location or event, the possibilities are endless. With SweetRobo, the future of treats has never tasted so sweet.

Check out the two newly launched machines:

Mr. Pop: The Lollipop Vending Machine That Makes Candy Fun!


  • Roulette wheel for a fun and exciting candy dispensing experience
  • Dispenses lollipops
  • Eye-catching robotic design

Say goodbye to ordinary vending machines and hello to Mr. Pop, the robotic lollipop vending machine that transforms candy dispensing into a delightful game!

Mr. Pop is more than just a machine; he's a captivating robot with a roulette wheel that dispenses lollipops with an element of chance and surprise. With a simple press of a button, the wheel spins, creating suspense before revealing the number of lollipops a customer will receive.

"Mr. Pop isn't just a purchase; it's a thrilling game, a whimsical dance of chance and confectionery delight," says Spencer Williams, President at . "When customers press that button, they embark on a journey into the realm of candilicious wonderment."

Cotton Candy Vending Machine: Get Spun with Sweet Innovation

Sugar cravings just got a high-tech upgrade!, the leader in all things candy dispensing, unveils its revolutionary Robotic Cotton Candy Vending Machine, bringing fluffy clouds of sweetness to a whole new level.

This isn't your average carnival cotton candy machine. This robotic marvel boasts:

  • Multiple payment options: Accepts cash, credit cards, and even has an optional app for remote monitoring.
  • A dazzling display: Choose from 6 vibrant cotton candy colors and 2 topping varieties for hundreds of flavor combinations.
  • Express service: Produces a delicious cotton candy cone in just 90 seconds!
  • Durability and Efficiency: Built to last, this machine boasts a sturdy design and requires minimal cleaning, making it a low-maintenance crowd-pleaser.
  • Remote management: An optional app allows for real-time sales tracking and refill alerts, ensuring a never-ending supply of fluffy fun.

"This innovative machine takes cotton candy from a nostalgic treat to a truly interactive experience," says Williams. "Imagine the excitement of watching your custom cotton candy creation come to life!"

For questions on these or any of our premium vending machines please contact us by email at or call 800-260-0010.

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