• NFL Vending Refills Offered by Gumball.com
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NFL Vending Refills Offered by Gumball.com

September 1, 2008

DALLAS, TX. Gumball.com has expanded its line of vending machine refills for the upcoming 2008 football season to include a wide range of NFL and college football products. These innovative vending refills include vending stickers, temporary tattoos, bouncy balls and toy capsules.

"Vending machine operators are looking for an edge this fall and the football line of products will surely bring a unique twist to their product offering.  Football is the number one sport in the US and people love their teams whether be it college or pro. Fans overwhelmingly love their team and it seems they will spend money on memorabilia whenever they are offered the chance, especially on vending items priced under $1.00… which translate into big profits for vending machine operators.  It’s crazy, even adults get into these fun filled sports related products", says Alex Katz, Marketing Manager, "The NFL and NCAA licensed refills really appeal to vending machine operators due to their strong consumer appeal and high profit margins."

Our NFL buildable figurines inside 2 inch toy capsules are sure to be a hit.  One order includes 250 self vending acorn shaped vending capsules.  The series includes 32 team key chains, one for each NFL team. An eye catching double sided blister display card may be purchased separately.

Another winner is the College Football stickers. This series includes mini football helmets from 38 of your favorite college football teams. A customizable display card, allows you to place the team helmets of your choice at the front of your vending machine may be purchased separately with your order.

Attention grabbing licensed product are also available in the temporary tattoos, flat vending stickers and bouncy balls format.  Take for example, the NFL Helmet and Team Logo Metallic Stickers.  These metallic sticker sheets feature 32 of your favorite college football teams. There are 2 stickers per sheet and 240 self vending stickers per case.

Gumball.com, serving the vending industry since 1993, is the leading online distributor of premium gumball vending machines, gumballs, bulk candy and vending machine parts and accessories. For more information contact Gumball.com PO Box 1029, Newport Beach, CA 92659.  Phone: 800-260-0010.  Fax: 214-550-5070.  Gumball.com. Email: support@gumball.com

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