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Simply a Delicious Design around the Home

In this month’s issue of InStyle magazine there’s an article on great lamps that serve as a focal point to your room. Among their display of possibilities is the Ikea PS Pendant Clear Lamp: affordable and awesome. My favorite thing about it is the possibilities to decorate- it’s basically a clear bucket you hang from the ceiling with a light in the middle. Their suggestion is to fill it with red gumballs.


What a clever idea! This kind of light fixture lets you change up your look depending on the mood or season- darker colors in the fall and winter, and you can be as bright as you want in the summertime. It’s obviously very important to only put dry objects in the fixture for electrical reasons- but I say there’s no stopping at just red gumballs. Why not get an assorted bunch or lime green and hot pink gumballs for your daughter’s room?

This idea is great for kids and adults alike- solid blue or red would add color but add round texture to your room.

Definitely a delicious conversation piece!

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